Walt Longmire Books in Order: Craig Johnson’s 25 Book Series

The Walt Longmire series is written by Craig John and explores the life and cases of Sheriff Walt Longmire in the fictional town of Absaroka County, Wyoming.

Throughout the series, Walt faces a variety of challenges that test his skills, resilience, and integrity. From murders and kidnappings to drug cartels and historical mysteries, each book presents Walt with a new puzzle to unravel.

The series not only explores intricate and suspenseful investigations but also delves into Walt’s personal life and relationships. His complicated bond with his daughter, Cady, and his evolving friendship with Henry provide emotional depth to the stories.

Sl. No.Walt Longmire Books in Order
1)The Cold Dish (2004)
2)Death Without Company (2006)
3)Kindness Goes Unpunished (2007)
4)Another Man’s Moccasins (2009)
5)The Dark Horse (2010)
6)Junkyard Dogs (2010)
7)Hell is Empty (2011)
8)Divorce Horse (2012)
9)As the Crow Flies (2012)
10)Christmas in Absaroka County (2012)
11)Messenger (2013)
12)A Serpent’s Tooth (2013)
13)Spirit of Steamboat (2013)
14)Any Other Name (2014)
15)Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories (2014)
16)Dry Bones (2015)
17)The Highwayman (2016)
18)An Obvious Fact (2016)
19)The Western Star (2017)
20)Depth of Winter (2018)
21)Land of Wolves (2019)
22)Next to Last Stand (2020)
23)Daughter of the Morning Star (2021)
24)Hell and Back (2022)
25)The Longmire Defense (2023)

Walt’s own past, including his experiences in the Vietnam War, is often intertwined with the present, adding layers to his character and shaping his actions.

The book series is adapted into a popular crime drama television series which premiered in 2012. In the television show, Walt Longmire is portrayed by Australian actor Robert Taylor.

The series ran for six seasons and follows Walt Longmire and his long-time friend Henry Standing Bear, a Cheyenne who provides assistance and insight to the people while dealing with the tribal police.

Who is Walt Longmire?

Walt Longmire is a fictional character created by Craig Johnson. In the series, Walt is a native of Durant, Wyoming and he attended the University of Southern California where he graduated with a degree in English literature. After graduating from college, he served in the Marine Corps and was assigned to the 1st Marine Division as a military police officer.

Upon his discharge, Walt worked at an oil rig before being hired as the Sheriff. In the series, Walt is a widower and has a daughter with his wife. The book series was adapted into a hit television show with Australian actor Robert Taylor playing the role of Walt Longmire.

Craig Johnson’s Biography

Craig Johnson is an American mystery author. He is best known for writing the Walt Longmire novel series. Johnson has written at least 20 novels, two novellas, and many short stories featuring Longmire.

The real-life inspiration for the series’ fictional setting is the small town of Buffalo, Wyoming where every year the annual festival called Longmire Days is held. At this festival, over 10,000 people attend including the author and many of the actors from the TV series.

Walt Longmire Books in Order

1) The Cold Dish (2004)

The Cold Dish (2004)

The first novel in Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series is ‘The Cold Dish.’ Walt Longmire believes that the death of a young man, Cody Pritchard, is someone seeking revenge for the rape of a Cheyenne girl with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). He, along with Deputy Victoria Morretti and Henry Standing Bear, must make sure that the rest of the culprits don’t find the fate as Cody Pritchard.

2) Death Without Company (2006)

Death Without Company (2006)

In the second novel, Sheriff Longmire must investigate the death of Mari Baroja, a woman who is found poisoned at the Durant Home for Assisted Living.

3) Kindness Goes Unpunished (2007)

Kindness Goes Unpunished (2007)

In this installment, Walt travels to Philadelphia with his friend Henry Standing Bear to visit Walt’s daughter, Cady. But their trip takes an unexpected turn when Cady is assaulted and left in a coma. Determined to find the culprits, Walt embarks on a quest for justice, uncovering a trail of betrayal and vengeance along the way.

4) Another Man’s Moccasins (2009)

Another Man’s Moccasins (2009)

Sheriff Longmire is determined to discover the identity of a young Vietnamese woman while confronting the horrible similarities between her murder and his first case as a Marine investigator in Vietnam. To make matters worse, a Crow Indian is found in possession of the young woman’s purse.

5) The Dark Horse (2010)

The Dark Horse (2010)

Walt finds himself in the middle of a hotly contested election for the sheriff’s position. As the campaign unfolds, a young Crow woman is found dead, and Walt is thrust into the investigation. The search for the truth takes him into the heart of the reservation, where ancient traditions and modern conflicts intertwine.

6) Junkyard Dogs (2010)

Junkyard Dogs (2010)

Things have become ugly in Durant when the owners of a multi-million dollar development of ranchettes want to get rid of the adjacent Stewart junkyard. The confrontation between the developers and residents leads to dead developers and missing body parts. Along with Henry Standing Bear, Victoria Morretti, and Dog, Walt finds himself in the middle of a modern-day range war.

7) Hell is Empty (2011)

Hell is Empty (2011)

In Hell is Empty, Walt Longmire must brave the frozen inferno to find Raynaud Shade, an adopted Crow Indian, who confessed to murdering a ten-year-old young boy.

8) Divorce Horse (2012)

Divorce Horse (2012)

Divorce Horse is a novella written by Craig Johnson and is part of the Walt Longmire mystery novel series. In Divorce Horse, Sheriff Longmire hits the race track with his soon-to-be-married daughter.

9) As the Crow Flies (2012)

As the Crow Flies (2012)

A murder investigation takes Walt and his friend Henry Standing Bear to the Wind River Reservation. As they search for the killer, they become entangled in a complex case involving oil drilling, land disputes, and long-held grudges. Walt must navigate the cultural divide and confront his own biases to bring justice to the victim.

10) Christmas in Absaroka County (2012)

Christmas in Absaroka County (2012)

Christmas in Absaroka County is a novella that is a collection of four short stories filled with Longmire’s charming dry wit and good heart. In the stories, we get a glimpse of Longmire’s softer side as he is stricken with grief after seeing his wife’s obituary in the paper.

11) Messenger (2013)

Messenger (2013)

Messenger is a novella in the Walt Longmire book series. As Walt, Henry Standing Bear, and Victoria Moretti return from their fishing trip, she receives a distress call from Crazy Woman Canyon.

12) A Serpent’s Tooth (2013)

A Serpent’s Tooth (2013)

Walt is faced with a community in turmoil when a charismatic young leader convinces a group of troubled teenagers to follow him into the wilderness. As tensions rise and danger looms, Walt must find a way to protect the vulnerable while uncovering the true motivations behind the leader’s actions.

13) Spirit of Steamboat (2013)

Spirit of Steamboat (2013)

Walt is interrupted by a young woman with a scar across her forehead and questions about Lucian Connally, Walt’s predecessor. But Connally swears that he has never seen the woman before.

14) Any Other Name (2014)

Any Other Name (2014)

Walt is tasked with finding a missing woman and her young daughter, but the case takes a sinister turn when he uncovers a connection to a dangerous drug cartel. As he races against time, Walt must navigate a treacherous path and make tough choices to protect those he cares about.

15) Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories (2014)

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories (2014)

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories is a collection of stories such as ‘Petunia, Bandit Queen of the Bighorns,’ ‘Ministerial Aide,’ and ‘Messenger.’

16) Dry Bones (2015)

Dry Bones (2015)

It is big news for the Big Horn Mountain Dinosaur Museum when the complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex is found in Absaroka County, Wyoming. However, things take a turn for the worst when the Cheyenne rancher on whose property the skeleton is discovered is found dead with no eyes in a turtle pond. Sheriff Longmire is determined to find out who could possibly benefit from Danny’s untimely death.

17) The Highwayman (2016)

The Highwayman (2016)

In this novella, Walt investigates a hit-and-run accident on a foggy night. As he delves into the case, he uncovers a series of interconnected events that span several decades. The past and present collide as Walt seeks justice for the victim and redemption for those haunted by their actions.

18) An Obvious Fact (2016)

An Obvious Fact (2016)

An Obvious Fact is the twelfth Longmire novel. In the novel, Walt Longmire is called in to investigate a hit-and-run accident involving a young motorcyclist near Devil’s Tower.

19) The Western Star (2017)

The Western Star (2017)

The good sheriff has a head-on collision of past and present when a younger sheriff confronts him with a photograph of twenty-five armed men standing in front of a Challenger steam locomotive.

The memories the photograph resurfaced couldn’t come at a more unfortunate time, as Walt must sit through the upcoming parole hearing of one of the most dangerous men he had ever encountered in a lifetime of law enforcement.

20) Depth of Winter (2018)

Depth of Winter (2018)

Walt’s daughter, Cady, is kidnapped by a ruthless Mexican cartel leader seeking revenge. Determined to rescue her, Walt ventures into the brutal landscapes of Mexico. With limited resources and facing insurmountable odds, he must tap into his inner strength to save his daughter and survive.

21) Land of Wolves (2019)

Land of Wolves (2019)

After recovering from his harrowing experiences in Mexico, Sheriff Longmire returns to Absaroka County to maintain justice. However, his rest is short-lived when a shepherd is found dead. At first, he suspects it is a suicide, but as he looks into the shepherd’s history, he discovers that the shepherd was connected to a powerful family of ranchers with a history of violence.

22) Next to Last Stand (2020)

Next to Last Stand (2020)

Was Custer’s Last Fight, one of the most viewed paintings in American history, destroyed in a fire? Walt Longmire is called in to try and make sense of a piece of a painting when Lee Stillwater dies of an apparent heart attack. This sends the good sheriff on the trail of a dangerous art heist.

23) Daughter of the Morning Star (2021)

Daughter of the Morning Star (2021)

Walt’s investigation into a missing woman in the neighboring county leads him into the realm of a charismatic cult leader. As he navigates the dangerous dynamics of the cult, Walt must unravel the truth and rescue the missing woman before it’s too late.

24) Hell and Back (2022)

Hell and Back (2022)

Hell and Back picks up right after the end of ‘Daughter of the Morning Star.’ In this novel, the beloved sheriff reaches the very limits of his sanity as he still looks for clues in the investigation of Jeanie One Moon’s disappearance. To find answers, the sheriff finds himself in the ruins of an old Native American school that was started to strip Native Indian children of their heritage.

25) The Longmire Defense (2023)

The Longmire Defense (2023)

Involved in a rescue, Walt Longmire finds himself on the rock where he remembers his father telling him about the first time he saw a man die, but the investigation is stymied when no one can find the rifle used to kill the man. However, when the dog discovers the weapon, the investigation leads to the discovery of a hidden mineral fund that may be worth billions. Now, Walt is pushed to his ethical limits when he discovers the rifle in question belongs to his late grandfather.

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