The Dresden Files Books in Order: How to Read Jim Butcher’s Series

The Dresden Files is a fantasy and crime fiction book series revolving around Harry Dresden, the only human wizard working as a private investigator for Chicago’s Police Department.

The books are written in first-person narrative, mostly from the protagonist’s point of view. However, certain short stories are narrated by Harry’s friends.

The story is set in modern-day Chicago. The world of The Dresden Files series contains many supernatural beings that have formed their own societies.

Whenever a supernatural entity is found behind the crimes in the windy city, it is Harry Dresden’s job to investigate and solve the mystery.

The Dresden Files series has been released in audiobook format, narrated by James Marsters. It has also been adapted into a game titled The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game and a TV series by the same name as the book series.

Sl. No.The Dresden Files Books in Order
1)Storm Front (2000)
2)Fool Moon (2001)
3)Grave Peril (2001)
4)Summer Knight (2002)
5)Death Masks (2003)
6)Blood Rites (2004)
7)Dead Beat (2005)
8)Proven Guilty (2006)
9)White Night (2007)
10)Small Favor (2008)
11)Turn Coat (2009)
12)Changes (2010)
13)Ghost Story (2011)
14)Cold Days (2012)
15)Skin Game (2014)
16)Peace Talks (2020)
17)Battle Ground (2020)
18)Twelve Months (TBA)
19)Mirror Mirror (TBA)

Jim Butcher’s Biography

Jim Butcher is an American novelist and author. He was born to an American novelist and author. He was born on October 26, 1971, in Missouri, United States. Jim started writing at the age of 19.

He is known for his fantasy book series, The Dresden Files, Cinder Spires, and Codex Alera. He has also written a novel titled Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours.

Apart from being an author, Jim is also a martial artist, with 15 years of experience in arts like Tae Kwon Do, Ryukyu Kempo, and Gojo Shorei Ryu. He is also a splendid rider. He has been a participant in drill and stunt-riding exhibitions.

Jim’s hobbies include singing, live-action gaming, and watching science-fiction movies. He has a son named James J. Butcher.

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Who is Harry Dresden?

The protagonist of The Dresden Files series, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, is a wizard who works as a private investigator. He is skilled in necromancy, alchemy, and thaumaturgy.

Harry was born on October 31st, 1897, to Margaret LeFay and Malcolm Dresden. His mother died during childbirth, and his father raised him for 6 years until he died of a brain aneurysm.

Harry was later adopted by a wizard of the White Council named Justine DuMorne. Harry Dresden’s life has been adventurous and full of struggles. He turned 37 in Cold Days.

The Dresden Files Books in Order

As of 2023, The Dresden Files book series contains 17 published books. The first book in the series, Storm Front, is Jim Butcher’s debut novel. It was published by Roc Books in 2000.

The latest book is titled Battle Ground. It was first published in 2020. Two more books will be published soon. Along with the novels, Jim has also written a few short stories, which are included in The Dresden Files series anthologies and posted on his website.

Jim Butcher plans to continue the series and write more novels in the future.

1) Storm Front (2000)

Storm Front, The Dresden Files, Book 1

The first novel in The Dresden Files series and Jim Butcher’s debut novel, Storm Front, was first published on April 1, 2000. The book contains 27 chapters.

Harry Dresden is the only wizard in Chicago who is also a private investigator. Warlock Victor Sells’ wife, Monica Sells, has hired him to find her missing husband.

Meanwhile, the lieutenant of the Chicago Police Department calls him to solve a mysterious case involving two brutal murders. It is clear that a human is not responsible for these murders. It looks like black magic.

Harry appears to be the prime suspect, which makes it more important to learn what’s happening. Is there a connection between Warlock Victor Sells and the murders?

The book was initially titled Semiautomagic to hint at the combination of fantasy and detective fiction. It was later changed to Storm Front.

Storm Front has also been adapted into two graphic novels by Dabel Brothers Productions. Volume 1 is titled The Gathering Storm, and Volume 2 is titled Maelstrom.

2) Fool Moon (2001)

Fool Moon, The Dresden Files, Book 2

Fool Moon serves as a sequel to Storm Front and is the second novel in the series. It was first published on 1st January 2001. The book contains 34 chapters.

Harry Dresden is struggling financially. It’s been days since his last case. He helps Kim Delaney control her magic but when she asks him to teach her how to form three magical circles, he refuses.

On the other hand, Lieutenant Karrin Murphy finally approaches Harry with a new case, a homicide. A gruesome murder with several mutilations on a full moon night, and paw prints surrounding the corpse.

The suspect is a gang of teenage werewolves and their leader, Tera West. But there is more to the case than it appears. Can Harry find the murderer?

Full Moon was adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite Entertainment. The first publication of this graphic novel was made on 6th April 2011.

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3) Grave Peril (2001)

Grave Peril, The Dresden Files, Book 3

The third novel in The Dresden Files series is titled Grave Peril. It was first published on September 1, 2001. The events of Grave Peril take place one year after the events of Fool Moon.

Harry Dresden has made many terrifying enemies in his wizarding journey, from black magicians to demented werewolves. But this time the enemy is unique.

Ghosts from the spirit world are on a rampage. There must be someone manipulating them. As Harry tries to investigate further, he meets his fiercest enemy so far, a violent demon named the Nightmare.

Can Harry Dresden put an end to this madness and survive the Nightmare’s attacks?

4) Summer Knight (2002)

Summer Knight, The Dresden Files, Book 4

The fourth novel in The Dresden Files series, Summer Knight, was first published on September 3, 2002. The book contains 34 chapters.

Toward the end of Grave Peril, Harry’s girlfriend, Susan Rodriguez, leaves him because of her vampiric infection and thirst for blood.

Harry has been in a bad mood since. He is barely surviving. But then, the Winter Queen of Faerie, Queen Mab, appears and asks him to find the murderer of the Summer Queen’s right-hand man, the Summer Knight.

Harry does not want to interfere in Faerie politics, but Queen Mab has some interesting things to offer. She promises to free him from his faerie godmother’s hold and even offers to end his bad luck.

Harry reluctantly agrees and soon finds out that the fate of the whole world depends on him now.

5) Death Masks (2003)

Death Masks, The Dresden Files, Book 5

Death Masks is the fifth novel in the series. It is a sequel to Summer Knight and was originally published on August 5, 2003.

As the only professional wizard in Chicago, Harry’s business is going smoothly. But it looks like he is in a lot of trouble for a little amount of money.

The Red Court of the vampire’s champion wants him dead to end the quarrel between the vampires and the wizards, and professional hitmen want him dead as well.

Then there are some unsolved cases Harry needs to work on, like recovering the stolen Shroud of Turin and identifying a headless corpse.

Amid all this, Harry’s ex-girlfriend returns, and she hasn’t completely recovered from her infections yet. But Susan has a new man in her life now.

6) Blood Rites (2004)

 Blood Rites, The Dresden Files, Book 6

Jim Butcher’s Blood Rites is the sixth novel in The Dresden Files series. It was originally published on August 3, 2004. The book contains 42 chapters.

Harry’s cases have been worsening day by day. As if strange monsters weren’t enough, he now needs to pose as a production assistant for a pornographic movie studio to solve a case.

Thomas Raith introduces him to his friend, Arturo Genosa, the producer of Silverlight Studios. Arturo asks Harry to investigate the deaths of two women, believing that somebody is after his life. But Harry soon finds out that Arturo is not the target, but the women in his life are.

Lara Raith, a beautiful actress and Thomas’ sister, brings Harry to Raith’s mansion. But an important secret lies in Thomas’ family tree, which will change Harry’s life forever.

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7) Dead Beat (2005)

Dead Beat, The Dresden Files, Book 7

The seventh novel in Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series, Dead Beat, was first published on May 3, 2005. The book contains 43 chapters.

Most people might not believe in the paranormal, but the SI department of the Chicago police does. Karrin Murphy, head of the Special Investigations Department and Harry’s good friend, is in Hawaii enjoying her vacation.

But when everything seems normal, Black Court vampire Mavra contacts Harry and asks him to find the Word of Kemmler, a mysterious book nobody knows much about.

Mavra threatens to kill Karrin if Harry fails to deliver the book in time. But to get the Word, Harry needs to defeat six merciless necromancers. Can he save Karrin in time?

8) Proven Guilty (2006)

Proven Guilty, The Dresden Files, Book 8

The eighth book in Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series, Proven Guilty was first published on 2nd May 2006. The book contains forty-seven chapters.

Nearly a year has passed after the events of Dead Beat. Harry Dresden is now appointed the Warden of the White Council and it really sucks.

He is asked to investigate the use of Black Magic in Chicago. But that’s not the only case he needs to worry about. Harry is summoned by Molly Carpenter to bail her boyfriend, Nelson out.

Nelson is in for a supernatural assault but Molly believes that he is innocent. Plus there are these spiteful creatures roaming about the windy city. The burden seems to be a lot but Harry and his companions can manage everything.

9) White Night (2007)

White Night, The Dresden Files, Book 9

The ninth novel in the series was originally published on April 3, 2007. The book has 43 chapters.

One year after the events of Proven Guilty, Harry Dresden is summoned by Karrin Murphy to investigate the suicide case of a magical practitioner.

Soon another death comes to light. It is now apparent that a serial killer who targets magical practitioners is running loose in the city. But Harry’s half-brother seems to have a hand in these murders.

Harry knows Thomas is innocent, and he needs to investigate this case to clear his name. He soon learns that the vampires of House Skavis are responsible for these deaths, but are they working for someone, and why are they doing it? Harry needs to find these answers before it is too late.

10) Small Favor (2008)

Small Favor, The Dresden Files, Book 10

Small Favor is the tenth novel in the Dresden Files series and serves as a sequel to White Night. It was originally published on April 1, 2008. The book has 46 chapters.

It’s been a peaceful year since the events of White Night, but good times don’t last long, especially if the person happens to be a wizard. Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, visits Harry Dresden to remind him of the favor he owes her.

Harry has no choice but to be her emissary. He is now the protector of the crime lord, John Marcone. This introduces him to a powerful and deadly foe and an equally skillful ally.

Is Harry suitable for this job? Being the protector of a monster will make Harry Dresden question his loyalties.

11) Turn Coat (2009)

Turn Coat, The Dresden Files, Book 11

The eleventh book in the series, Turn Coat was first released on 7th April 2009. The book has 49 chapters.

The White Council’s warden Donald Morgan is accused of killing Aleron LaFortier, who was a member of the Senior Council.

This act is considered no less than treason and there is only one penalty for treason in the White Council, death. Donald arrives at Harry Dresden’s doorstep and Harry takes him in.

Harry now has to find out the one responsible for framing Morgan, keep Morgan safe, and avoid getting detected. One single mistake may cost him his life.

12) Changes (2010)

The Dresden Files, Book 12

The twelfth book in the Dresden Files series, titled Changes, was originally published on April 6, 2010. The book contains 49 chapters.

Harry Dresden’s former lover, Susan Rodriguez, who fled to South America after being cursed, has now returned, and she has some interesting secrets to share.

She tells Harry that they have a daughter named Margaret Angelica. But the evil Duchess of the Red Court, Arianna, has kidnapped her.

Infuriated, Harry goes to the White Council to attack Adrianna but finds her in a meeting with them, proposing a peace treaty. After being refused permission to fight her, Harry feels powerless and tries to learn more from Odin.

Adrianna has some really dark intentions, and Harry needs to stop her before it is too late.

13) Ghost Story (2011)

Ghost Story, The Dresden Files, Book 13

The thirteenth book in the series, Ghost Story was initially titled Dead, but the publishers changed it. Jim Butcher finished writing the novel on 4th April 2011 but it was published 3 months later on 26th July 2011.

The book contains 51 chapters. The events in Ghost Story occur immediately after the events of Changes.

Harry Dresden was presumed dead in Changes. Well, he certainly isn’t alive, but he isn’t completely dead yet. Harry is trapped between life and the afterlife.

He cannot communicate with anyone except a few magical allies. Being a spirit is a huge disadvantage, but that is no excuse to give up. Harry has been dead for six months and he needs to find his killer.

He also learns that three of his loved ones are in danger, and his killer is after them. It would have been an easier job if he knew whose life was at risk, but he needs to act with what little he knows.

14) Cold Days (2012)

Cold Days, The Dresden Files, Book 14

The fourteenth novel in the series, Cold Days, was previously titled Winter Knight. It was first published on 27th November 2012. The book has 53 chapters.

Harry Dresden has worked as a Private Investigator for years. But now he has become the Winter Knight, which means that now he serves the Mother of Wicked faeries, Queen Mab.

Mab has almost restored him to health and here comes his first task. As a professional killer, he needs to kill an immortal. During his journey, he discovers that the Island of Demonreach is in danger.

He also makes new enemies and is chased by the old ones. And to make things more interesting, he only has 24 hours to connect with his old allies, prevent destruction, and of course, kill an immortal.

15) Skin Game (2014)

Skin Game, The Dresden Files, Book 15

The fifteenth novel in the series, Skin Game was first published on 27th May 2014. 

Harry has no idea what Mab might be scheming. She trades his skills to pay off a debt, and before he knows it, Harry is working for his nemesis, Nicodemus Archleone.

Harry and his new allies are asked to break into the highest security vault in town, which is crucial to fulfilling Nicodemus’ ultimate objective, recovering the Holy Grail that belongs to Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Harry suspects that Nicodemus might be plotting to kill his allies and him with them. Plus he also needs to stay alert because his allies might kill him before his enemies get the chance to do so.

16) Peace Talks (2020)

Peace Talks, The Dresden Files, Book 16

Jim Butcher’s Peace Talks is the sixteenth novel in the Dresden Files series. It was first published on 14th July 2020. The book contains 36 chapters.

After the events of Skin Game, Harry Dresden now lives in Molly Carpenter’s apartment with his daughter, Maggie.

The warden of the White Council, Carlos Ramirez informs him that he needs to defend the Senior Council while the other members of the White Court attend peace talks with the Fomor.

It is also revealed that voting will soon be done to decide whether Harry should be expelled from the White Court. That is a matter to worry about another day.

Right now Harry needs to work with the White Court’s security team. But can he bring justice when the political manipulators pose a danger to the windy city?

17) Battle Ground (2020)

Battle Ground, The Dresden Files, Book 17

The seventeenth novel in the series, Battle Ground was first published on 29th September 2020. The book contains 36 chapters.

Harry has fought many formidable enemies before, who were much more powerful than him. The Red Court of Vampires and The Outsiders for example. But this time the power scale is entirely of a different level.

The Last Titan called Ethniu and her army has declared war on humanity. She plans to destroy Chicago and anyone who stands in her way. Harry’s objective is simple.

Kill the Titan and save humanity. But it is easier said than done because right now, he doesn’t stand a chance against her.

18) Twelve Months (TBA)

Jim Butcher’s eighteenth book in the Dresden Files series is yet to be released. The plot might focus on the aftermath of the war between humanity and The Last Titan.

19) Mirror Mirror (TBA)

Jim Butcher’s latest book in the Dresden Files series, Mirror Mirror is a sequel to Twelve Months. It might be released in 2024.

The Dresden Files Omnibus Series

So far, four hardcover omnibuses have been released by The Science Fiction Book Club.

1) Wizard for Hire (2005)

Wizard for Hire contains the first three novels: Storm Front, Fool Moon, and Grave Peril.

2) Wizard by Trade (2006)

Wizard by Trade contains the 4th and 5th novels, Summer Knight and Death Masks.

3) Wizard at Large (2006)

Wizard at Large contains the 6th and 7th novels, titled Blood Rites and Dead Beat, respectively.

4) Wizard Under Fire (2007)

Wizard Under Fire contains the novels Proven Guilty and White Night.

Short Stories in the Series (in chronological order)

Jim Butcher has written a few short stories that take place within the main events of the Dresden Files series storyline.

1) A Fistful of Warlocks (2017)

A Fistful of Warlocks is a short story by Jim Butcher. The timeline is set long before the events of Storm Front. The hero of the series, Harry Dresden, is not yet introduced.

The plot revolves around Anastasia Luccio, a human witch who is not yet a warden of the White Council.

A Fistful of Warlocks is included in the anthologies Straight Outta Tombstone and Brief Cases.

2) Restoration of Faith (2010)

Restoration of Faith is another short story in the Dresden Files series. The plot introduces us to Harry Dresden and his world for the first time. The story is included in the anthology titled Side Jobs.

Harry is working with private investigator Nicholas Christian for an investigation agency. They are asked to find the missing 10-year-old daughter of an elite family, Faith Astor.

After they find her, Nicholas informs Harry that her family is trying to blame them for her kidnapping.

But Harry is not willing to leave the child alone. Trouble starts when the police begin to search for Dresden.

3) B is for Bigfoot (2012)

The timeline of the story is set between the events of Fool Moon and Grave Peril. The story is included in the anthologies Under My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron, Working for Bigfoot, and Brief Cases.

River Shoulders is a Bigfoot who hires Harry to investigate why his son, Irwin Pounder, returns home with injuries every day. Irwin’s mother, a human, has already arranged for Harry to enter as a janitor at Irwin’s school.

Harry shows up and learns that Irwin is being bullied by a few boys, and he advises him to fight back.

4) Publicity and Advertising (2010)

The timeline is set between the events of Death Masks and Blood Rites. The vignette is part of the Side Jobs anthology.

Harry and his magical skull, Bob, discuss the advantages of advertising and publicizing Harry’s business via different approaches.

5) I Was A Teenage Bigfoot (2012)

Jim Butcher’s short story in the Dresden Files series, I Was A Teenage Bigfoot is set between the events of Dead Beat and Proven Guilty. It has been included in the anthologies Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste, Working for Bigfoot, and Brief Cases.

Harry Dresden is hired by the Bigfoot, River Shoulders for the second time, and he needs to look after Irwin Pound.

The dean of St. Mark’s Academy for the Gifted and Talented, Dr. Fabio, tries to use black magic on Irwin, and Harry has to save him.

6) Something Borrowed (2006)

The short story takes place between the events of Dead Beat and Proven Guilty. It is part of the Side Jobs anthology.

Billy Borden and Georgia are getting married, and Harry Dresden is invited. But the night before the wedding, Harry gets into a fight and is injured.

Plus, Kirby is missing, which means Harry will now have to step in as the best man at Bully and Georgia’s wedding. But then something terrible happens. Georgia is kidnapped, and Harry needs to find her soon.

7) AAAA Wizardry (2009)

The story is set between the events of Proven Guilty and White Night. It is part of the Brief Cases anthology. The story has also appeared in the manual, Dresden Files RPG: Core Rulebook Volume 2: Our World.

Harry describes the 5 A’s related to boogeyman encounters: ascertain, analyze, assemble, act, and arrogance.

He talks about an incident when he was asked by Megan Yardly to protect her children against a boogeyman. He recalls protecting them and discovering Megan’s eldest daughter’s dark secret.

8) It’s My Birthday, Too (2007)

It’s My Birthday, Too is a short story taking place between the events of White Night and Small Favor. The story is part of the anthologies Many Bloody Returns and Side Jobs.

It is Thomas Raith’s birthday, and Harry Dresden has a gift for him. He decides to bring him his gift soon after Molly and Harry fight off slime demons. Molly says that she already knows Thomas and Harry are half brothers.

Meanwhile, Thomas is playing Evernight with one of his employees in a mall. But chaos ensues as Constance Bushnell returns to exact revenge on Evernight’s players. Karrin is called, and now Harry and Karrin must stop Constance.

9) Heorot (2007)

Set between the events of White Night and Small Favor, Heorot is another short story in the Dresden Files series. It is included in the anthologies My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon and Side Jobs.

Harry arrives at a brewing competition where he meets Roger Braddock, whose newlywed wife, Elizabeth, is missing. Harry uses Elizabeth’s hair to perform a tracking spell but is immediately attacked by Caine and two other associates.

Harry fights them off and is approached by Ms. Gard. She informs him that she is pursuing a creature called Grendelkin, and Grendelkin is the one behind Elizabeth’s kidnapping. Harry now needs to fight this creature to rescue Elizabeth.

10) Mike (2020)

Mike is another vignette in the Dresden Files series. The events of Mike occur between White Night and Small Favor.

Mike Atagi, popularly known as Mike the mechanic, is Harry’s car mechanic for the entire series. Harry’s car, the Blue Beetle, is in bad shape, so he takes it to Mike’s repair shop.

Mike asks how the car got so badly beat up, and Harry narrates to him a non-magical, made-up story.

Mike then asks Harry to pick among cheap, fast, and good repairs, but Harry can only pick two. He picks cheap and good.

11) Harry’s Day Off (2008)

Harry’s Day Off, also known as Day Off, and Dresden’s Day Off, is a short story taking place between the events of Small Favor and Turn Coat. It is included in the anthologies Blood Lite and Side Jobs.

While gaming with his friends, Harry announces that he is taking his next day off. He will not take up any work, and he plans to spend the day with Anastasia Luccio.

But his day off turns extremely chaotic. The house becomes a huge mess only moments before Anastasia’s arrival.

12) Backup (2008)

Narrated by Harry Dresden’s half-brother Thomas Raith, Jim Butcher’s Backup is a novelette in the Dresden Files series. The events of Backup take place between Small Favor and Turn Coat.

Backup was originally published as a separate book but later became a part of the Side Jobs anthology.

Thomas’ sister Lara sends him a courier and tells him that it will provide him with the details of his next assignment as a Venator.

It turns out that the courier is his wife Justine, and his mission is to follow Harry Dresden. Meanwhile, Harry has accepted a mission to find a missing child.

13) The Warrior (2009)

Another novelette by Jim Butcher, The Warrior, is set between the events of Small Favor and Turn Coat. It is part of the Side Jobs anthology.

Harry Dresden meets his friend Michael Carpenter and talks about a few pictures of Carpenter he has received. Harry expresses concern for his friend and believes that Michael may be in danger.

But Michael dismisses this idea and says that he is not afraid simply because he was a wielder of the Sword of the Cross. But in the events that ensue, Harry’s fears become a reality.

14) Last Call (2009)

A short story in the Dresden Files series, Last Call takes place between the events of Small Favor and Turn Coat. It is part of the anthologies Strange Brew and Side Jobs.

Harry visits Mac’s pub and discovers that every single patron has passed out. Mac informs him that they went crazy after drinking the beer and started attacking each other.

Harry calls Murphy and asks her to take care of it, which she does. Molly finds out that the beer has been meddled with magically, and they suspect that Caine is behind it.

But after confronting Caine, he reveals that he is merely a puppet and that the one pulling his strings is far more mysterious.

15) Curses (2011)

The events of Curses are preceded by Small Favor and followed by Turn Coat. It is part of the book Naked City and has been included in the Brief Cases anthology.

A man named Donovan approaches Harry in his office and asks him to lift the Billy Goat curse from Wrigley Field. Harry agrees, but he soon finds out that the curse is a special one.

It is of non-human origin and has been maintained since 1945. Harry needs to figure out a way to remove this curse.

16) Love Hurts (2010)

A short story in the Dresden Files series, the events of Love Hurts take place between Turncoat and Changes. The story was published in Songs of Love and Death and is a part of the Side Jobs anthology.

Karrin Murphy asks Harry Dresden to look into a strange case of two people killing themselves. The victims appear to be siblings who had been mentally manipulated to fall in love with each other, and they went insane.

Soon, more such cases will come to light. Who could be the mastermind behind these twisted murders?

17) Bigfoot on Campus (2012)

Originally published in Hex Appeal, Jim Butcher’s Bigfoot on Campus is a part of the Working for Bigfoot and Brief Cases anthologies. The story takes place between the events of Turn Coat and Changes.

The scion Irwin Pounder is now in college, and he has a girlfriend, White Council vampire Connie. Connie doesn’t know that she is a vampire.

Connie’s father wants to kill Irwin to awaken her powers. But upon River Shoulders’ request, Harry Dresden steps in to save Irwin once again.

18) Even Hand (2010)

Even Hand, a short story by John Marcone, takes place in between the events of Turn Coat and Changes. It was published in the book titled Dark and Stormy Knights and is a part of the Brief Cases anthology.

After returning to his office, John Marcone is approached by Ms. Gard, who informs him about an urgent matter. Thomas Raith’s wife Justine has arrived, and she has a child with her.

Justine is seeking Macrone’s protection against the Fomor. John is about to refuse, but he remembers his rules regarding children and reluctantly complies.

Mag is after Justine and the child; John tries to defend them, and a fight ensues.

19) Journal (2020)

Originally posted on Jim Butcher’s website, Journal is a vignette written by Donald Morgan in the form of a journal. It was published on February 4, 2020, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Storm Front.

A dying Donald Morgan makes a sorrowful entry in his journal, which is intended for Anastasia Luccio and some other people.

Donald remembers his past and his failure to save Malcolm, whom he was sworn to protect. He also writes about his relationship with Harry Dresden and how Harry was raised in foster care when he was young.

Donald remarks that Harry’s relationship with the He Who Walks Beside Influenced Senior Council is antagonistic and not collaborative.

20) Goodbye (2020)

Set between the events of Changes and Aftermath, Goodbye is a vignette that was released on Jim Butcher’s website on March 10, 2020, to celebrate Storm Front’s 20th anniversary.

After a brief talk with Harry Dresden over the phone, Jared Kincaid is almost about to start his work when he is stopped by The Archive. She is sad and angry.

She tells him that only Harry is her other companion besides Jared. She reaches a car’s pedals and, in the process, frees Jared from his service, and upon being dismissed, Jared leaves without saying goodbye.

21) Aftermath (2020)

Aftermath is a novelette by Jim Butcher. The story is set between the events of Changes and Ghost Story. Karrin Murphy serves as the narrator of Aftermath.

Harry Dresden appears to be dead. Karrin Murphy hurries to her Water Beetle to not miss a date with Harry. Harry doesn’t show up, and she hears that he has been shot to death.

She asks for an investigation but is dismissed. Later, Billy Borden tells her that his wife, Georgia, has been kidnapped. With Harry gone, Karrin appears to be Billy’s only hope and agrees to find his wife.

 22) Bombshells (2013)

Bombshells is a short story that Molly Carpenter tells in between the events of Ghost Story and Cold Days.It is a part of the anthologies Dark Women and Brief Cases.

After Harry Dresden’s supposed death, Molly Carpenter is on the run. Justine informs her about Thomas’ disappearance and asks for her help.

Molly agrees and finds Thomas in Svartalves. But a faerie named The Leanansidhe warns her that she and Thomas are both in grave danger.

23) Cold Case (2016)

Narrated by Molly Carpenter, the story of Cold Case takes place between the events of Cold Days and Skin Game. It is included in the anthologies Shadowed Souls and Brief Cases.

Queen Mab sends Molly to collect the tribute the Miksani owe the Winter Court. But after arriving in Unalaska, she meets Carlos Ramirez, who is assigned the same task. They team up and experience various adventures together.

24) Jury Duty (2015)

Another short story in Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series, Jury Duty, is set between the events of Skin Game and Peace Talks. It is included in the anthologies Unbound and Brief Cases.

Hamilton Luther stands accused of killing Curtis Black. Although Counselor Tremont’s case was going smoothly, upon cross-examination, some inconsistencies were found in Officer Dwayne’s testimony.

This is where Harry Dresden comes in. He needs to uncover the truth and find the actual murderer. 

25) Day One

Set between the events of Skin Game and Peace Talks, Day One is another short story in the Dresden Files series. It is included in the anthologies Unfettered II and Brief Cases.

The story focuses on Waldo Butters, a medical examiner in Chicago, who, along with Michael Carpenter, finds an overdosed homeless guy lying on a park bench.

They call the ambulance, and after arriving at the hospital, Waldo finds eight more children suffering in the same manner.

He meets Doctor Miyamune and figures that she is actually a Baku who has shifted into a female to feed on children’s fears. Waldo Butters must bring her down as soon as possible.

26) Zoo Day (2018)

Zoo Day is a short story in Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series. The events of Zoo Day take place at the same time as Day One.

Harry Dresden, his daughter Margaret, and their dog named Mouse spend a day at the zoo.

27) Monsters (2019)

The chronology of Monsters is uncertain. It is a short story in the Dresden Files series, and the story is part of the Parallel Worlds anthology.

John Macrone’s rival concern has opened up a brothel where preteens are offered to clients who are interested in having sex with children. This is against John Marcone’s rule to not harm children.

Unable to confront the concern directly, John hires Goodman Grey, who calls himself a professional monster for some reason, to take care of the brother’s security guards.

Meanwhile, Harry Dresden is trying to rescue the children trapped there.

28) Job Placement (2020)

A vignette in Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series, Job Placement, was released on May 5, 2020, on Jim’s website to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Storm Front. The story is set between the events of Skin Game and Peace Talks. 

The focus of the story is Irwin Pounder. While reading Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, his girlfriend, Connie Barrowill, informs him that she has been selected as a gym teacher at Saint Mark’s Academy for the Gifted and Talented.

After some time, Irwin also finds out that he has been selected as an English teacher there. He then proposes to Connie, and she accepts his proposal.

29) Everything the Light Touches (2020)

Everything the Light Touches is a vignette narrated from Mister’s point of view. The story takes place between the events of Skin Game and Peace Talks.

It was posted on Jim Butcher’s website on August 4, 2020, to celebrate Storm Front’s 20th anniversary.

Mister, Harry’s cat checks on his place, ensures the safety of the other residents, and goes back to doing what he loves to do, which is asserting his dominance over others. 

30) Little Things (2022)

A short story in Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series, Little Things takes place after the events of Battle Ground. It is part of the Heroic Hearts anthology.

Toot-toot, a dewdrop faerie comes across an invader who might pose a danger to Harry Dresden. He teams up with Harry’s cat, Mister, to defeat the invader.

31) The Law (2022)

Jim Butcher’s first novella in the Dresden Files series, The Law, takes place shortly after the events of Battle Ground. The book has 15 chapters.

Sure, not every enemy is a Titan. After The Last Titan’s attack, maybe Harry needed a case like this one. Simple and easy.

A creature is creating problems in the life of an independent tutor, and Harry needs to step in. But appearances may be deceiving.

This creature is much more powerful than it appears to be.

32) Christmas Eve (2018)

A short story in the Dresden Files series, Christmas Eve was posted on Jim Butcher’s website as a gift for his fans on December 24th, 2018.

It is Harry Dresden and his daughter Maggie’s first Christmas Eve together, and Harry wants it to be special. Mouse helps him assemble a gift for her.

Many people visit Harry, including Queen Mab and Molly Carpenter. Kringle arrives as Santa Claus. All of them have a gift to offer Harry or Maggie.

33) The Good People (2020)

The Good People is a short story in the Dresden Files series that takes place after the events of Christmas Eve. The story is posted on Jim’s website.

Molly approaches Queen Mab, who turned her into the Winter Lady. Molly demands the independence of Winter Lady, which, surprisingly, Mab accepts.

Molly then tries to repair the damage caused to Chicago in the fight against The Last Titan. Meanwhile, Kringle arrives and challenges her to take over his role.

Short Stories in the Order of Publishing Date

1.    Something Borrowed (2006)
2.    It’s My Birthday, Too (2007)
3.    Heorot (2007)
4.    Harry’s Day Off (2008)
5.    Backup (2008)
6.    AAAA Wizardry (2009)
7.    The Warrior (2009)
8.    Last Call (2009)
9.    Restoration of Faith (2010)
10.    Publicity and Advertising (2010)
11.    Love Hurts (2010)
12.     Even Hand (2010)
13.    Aftermath (2010)
14.    Curses (2011)
15.    B is for Bigfoot (2012)
16.    I Was A Teenage Bigfoot (2012)
17.    Bigfoot on Campus (2012)
18.    Bombshells (2013)
19.    Jury Duty (2015)
20.    Cold Case (2016)
21.    Day One (2016)
22.    A Fistful of Warlocks (2017)
23.    Zoo Day (2018)
24.    Christmas Eve (2018)
25.    Monsters (2019)
26.    Mike (2020)
27.    Journal (2020)
28.    Goodbye (2020)
29.    Job Placement (2020)
30.    Everything the Light Touches (2020)
31.    The Good People (2020)
32.    Little Things (2022)
33.    The Law (2022)

The Dresden Files Graphic Novel Series

Two novels from Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files series have been adapted into graphic novels. New stories have also been introduced in the form of comics.

1) Welcome to the Jungle (2008)

Written by New York’s #1 bestselling author Jim Butcher and illustrated by Adrian Syaf, Welcome to the Jungle is a graphic novel mini-series. It serves as a prequel to Storm Front.

Chicago’s private investigator who uses magic to solve his cases, Jim Harry Dresden, has been asked by Police Lieutenant Karrin Murphy to solve Maurice Sandbourne’s murder case. The murder took place at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the suspect is a male gorilla. However, when Harry begins his investigations, more facts come to light.

2) The Dresden Files: Storm Front, Volume 1: The Gathering Storm (2009)

The Gathering Storm is a graphic novel by Mark Powers and Adrian Syaf. It takes place in the same time period as the novel Storm Front.The novel has been divided into four parts. It was released in January 2009.

Harry Dresden has been asked to investigate a gruesome double murder case. Soon he discovers more murders and learns that black magic is involved. In addition, the White Council is keeping an eye on him because of his past.

3) The Dresden Files: Storm Front, Volume 2: Maelstrom (2011)

Maelstrom, the second book in the Storm Front series, came out in February 2011. It was written by Mark Powers and illustrated by Brett Booth and Adrian Syaf.It is set in Storm Front’s timeline. Volume 2 concludes Storm Front’s story.

Harry Dresden continues his investigation to find the murderer. The culprit is aware of Harry’s interference and wants him to stay away. Black magic is involved in the murders, which means Harry’s life is in grave danger. Can he manage to solve this case?

4) The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, Volume 1 (2011)

Released in April 2011, the first volume of the graphic novel titled Fool Moon contains eight parts and covers the first half of the novel of the same name. The story has been adapted by Mark Powers and illustrated by Chase Conley.

Harry Dresden has been suffering financially for weeks. But luckily, he now has an interesting case. A mutilated body surrounded by paws on a full moon night. It is unmistakably the work of a werewolf, or is it?

5) The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, Volume 2 (2013)

The second volume includes the conclusion of the Fool Moon novel.

Harry’s close friend, Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, doesn’t trust him like before. Plus, the White Council is keeping an eye on him.

Now, this new case of werewolves is terrorizing Chicago. But there’s more to this case than meets the eye. Harry’s life is a complete mess, but he must do something about these problems soon.

6) The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin (2013)

Ghoul Goblin is a graphic novel in the Dresden Files series. The story takes place between the events of Fool Moon and Grave Peril.

Prescrot Tremaine asks Harry Dresden to go to Boone Mill, a town where there has been a string of brutal murders. What’s surprising is that all the victims belong to one family, the Talbot family.

Harry learns from his investigation that some supernatural creatures had cursed the family decades earlier. Can Harry take them down?

7) The Dresden Files: War Cry (2014)

War Cry is a graphic novel miniseries written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers. The events of this story take place four months after Dead Beat.

There is an ongoing war between the Red Court and the White Council. Harry Dresden and his allies Yuki Yoshimo, Carlos Ramirez, and Bill Meyers are asked to enter Montezuma and extract the Venatori.

The fight intensifies, and Thomas Raith joins his brother. How will this war end?

8) The Dresden Files: Down Town (2014)

Down Town is a graphic novel miniseries by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers that takes place in between the events of White Night and It’s My Birthday, Too.

A golem attacks and kills Sam Fogle, a pawnshop owner, and a laundromat owner. Karrin Murphy calls Harry Dresden to investigate.

Meanwhile, John Marcone decides to deal with the aftermath of the murders himself. Harry and John team up to solve this case.

9) The Dresden Files: Wild Card (2016)

Set between the events of Small Favor and Turn Coat, Wild Card is a graphic novel mini-series written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers.

People in Chicago are being murdered left and right, and nobody seems to know what the cause of death is. Meanwhile, a vampire from House Raith is sent as a warning to Lara Raith.

Private Investigator Harry Dresden and Lieutenant Karrin Murphy investigate this case, and the murderer turns out to be an old and violent fae named Puck.

Puck cannot be killed, so Harry needs to find another way to bring him down.

10) The Dresden Files: Dog Men (2018)

Dog Men is a graphic novel miniseries by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers that takes place in between the events of Small Favor and Turn Coat.

Harry Dresden faces Puck again. But this time, Puck has friends. When his friends fall at the enemy’s hands, Harry wakes up and realizes that it was a dream.

People begin to disappear mysteriously in the city, and Harry’s skills are needed to find out who is behind it.

A wolf man is spotted near the places where the victims were seen last. Who is this wolf man, and what happened to the people that disappeared?

11) The Dresden Files: Bigfoot (2022)

Bigfoot is a graphic novel in the Dresden Files series. It contains all of Jim Butcher’s stories that revolve around the Bigfoot River Shoulders and his scion, Irwin Pounder. The novel also contains a few additional pieces of content.

The Dresden Files Omnibus (graphic novels)

There are two books in this series, and each book contains three comic books.

1) Volume 1

Volume 1 covers the comic books Welcome to the Jungle, Storm Front, and Fool Moon.

2) Volume 2

Volume 2 contains the comic books Ghoul Goblin, War Cry, and Down Town.

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The Dresden Files series contains three anthologies, which include Jim Butcher’s various short stories.

1) Sids Jobs (2010)

Published on October 26, 2010, Side Jobs is an anthology in the Dresden Files series that contains eleven short stories written by Jim Butcher. It contains 418 pages.
The stories included in the Side Jobs anthology are(Arranged chronologically):

●    A Restoration of Faith
●    Publicity and Advertising
●    Something Borrowed
●    It’s My Birthday, Too
●    Heorot
●    Harry’s Day Off
●    Backup
●    The Warrior
●    Last Call
●    Love Hurts
●    Aftermath

2) Working for Bigfoot (2015)

Published on June 30, 2015, Working for Bigfoot is the second anthology in the Dresden Files series. It contains three short stories that revolve around Bigfoot, River Shoulders, and his son Irwin Pounder. The book contains 131 pages. 

The stories included in Working for Bigfoot are (Arranged chronologically):

●    B is for Bigfoot
●    I Was A Teenage Bigfoot
●    Bigfoot on Campus

3) Brief Cases (2018)

Published on June 5, 2018, Brief Cases is the third anthology in the Dresden Files series. It contains 12 short stories written by Jim Butcher. The hardcover contains 437 pages.

The stories included in Brief Cases are (Arranged chronologically):

●    A Fistful of Warlocks
●    B is for Bigfoot
●    I Was A Teenage Bigfoot
●    Curses
●    AAAA Wizardry
●    Bigfoot on Campus
●    Even Hand
●    Bombshells
●    Cold Case
●    Jury Duty
●    Day One
●    Zoo Day 

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Pin this: The Dresden Files Books in Order

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