Harriet Blue Book Series in Order

Set in Australia, Detective Harriet Blue book series follows Detective Harriet Blue, a formidable and multi-dimensional character known for her determined and unwavering pursuit of justice.

Throughout the series, Harriet Blue’s character evolves, showcasing her resilience, resourcefulness, and unyielding spirit.

She battles corrupt officials, confronts personal traumas, and grapples with the dark side of the justice system.

Harriet’s unwavering pursuit of justice and her determination to protect the innocent make her a compelling and relatable protagonist.

With each instalment, James Patterson and his co-authors deliver pulse-pounding suspense, intricate plotlines, and an enthralling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

The Detective Harriet Blue book series is a captivating exploration of crime, justice, and the indomitable spirit of its remarkable protagonist.

Sl. No.Harriet Blue Book Series in Order
1)Black & Blue (2016)
2)Never Never (2016)
3)Fifty Fifty (2017)
4)Liar Liar (2018)
5)Hush Hush (2019)
Harriet Blue Book Series in Order

Who are the Authors of the Detective Harriet Blue Book Series?

James Patterson

James Patterson is an American author whose books have sold 425 million copies. He has topped Forbes’s list of highest-paid authors with an estimated net worth of $700 million.

Before working as a writer, Patterson worked as an advertising executive. Since 1976, Patterson has written more than 200 novels out of which 114 are New York Times bestselling novels.

Some of his most popular works are Women’s Murder Club, Maximum Ride, Instinct, The Postcard Killings, and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

Candice Fox

Candice Fox is an Australian novelist who was born and raised in the suburbs of Sydney into a large family. Before attending university, Fox had a brief stint in the Royal Australian Navy.

She used to teach at the university level and since 2015 has collaborated on a series of novels with bestselling author James Patterson.

Some of her most popular works are The Inn, Hades, and Crimson Lake. In 2022, a television adaptation of Crimson Lake premiered in Australia. Her novel Gathering Dark was also recently optioned for an adaptation.

Who is the Main Protagonist of the Detective Harriet Blue book series?

The main protagonist of the Detective Harriet Blue book series is Harriet Blue. Detective Harriet Blue describes herself as a hunter of humans whose job gives her access to crime alerts.

Born and raised in Australia, Harriet Blue grew up in the Australian foster system with her brother, Sam.

Growing up she had a history of bad behavior and would move around from one foster home to another.

Harriet Blue is a talented and fiercely dedicated police officer hailing from Sydney, Australia. She possesses an exceptional investigative mind, keen intuition, and an unyielding drive to solve crimes and protect the innocent.

Harriet is known for her tenacity and refusal to back down, even in the face of adversity or when the odds are stacked against her.

Throughout the series, Harriet finds herself entangled in high-stakes cases that push her to her limits.

Harriet Blue Book Series

1) Black & Blue (2016)

Black & Blue (2016)
Black & Blue (2016)

Black and Blue is a novella that precedes the first novel in the Detective Harriet Blue book series.

It follows Harriet Blue, a detective that is focused on catching a savage killer that is targeting young female university students.

However, new clues suggest that catching the predator will be tougher than she could have ever imagined.

2) Never Never (2016)

Never Never (2016)
Never Never (2016)

Published in 2016, Never Never follows Detective Harriet Blue, a top-notch sex crimes investigator in Sydney, Australia.

When Harriet’s own brother is arrested for the murders of three young women, her boss assigns her to a case outside of Sydney for her own good. She is assigned to a small town in Western Australia.

Before she knows it, a terrorist incident occurs in this small town, terrifying the townspeople and causing her partner to question the source of the attack.

3) Fifty Fifty (2017)

Fifty Fifty (2017)
Fifty Fifty (2017)

Sam Blue, Detective Harriet Blue’s brother still stands accused of the brutal murders of three young students, whose bodies were dumped near the Georges River.

The only person that believes in his innocence is Detective Harriet Blue and she is determined to prove it.

However, she is still banished from Sydney and is currently stationed in the outback town of Last Chance Valley where a diary found on the roadside contains a plan for the massacre of the entire town.

At the same time in Sydney, a young woman, who knows important details about the brutal murders for which Sam is held accused, is held hostage.

4) Liar Liar (2018)

Liar Liar (2018)
Liar Liar (2018)

In the third novel in the Detective Harriet Blue’s book series, Detective Harriet Blue is convinced that Regan Banks deserves to die and that she will bring the world to justice for his atrocities.

However, Regan Banks, the vicious serial killer who framed Harriet’s brother for his crime is now gone and invited Harriet on a goose chase around Australia.

5) Hush Hush (2019)

Hush Hush (2019)
Hush Hush (2019)

In Hush Hush, we meet ex-detective Harriet Blue who is now in prison. Prison can be a dangerous place for a former cop and Harriet Blue gets to experience this firsthand.

In prison, she gets into a fight for her life which leads to a prison-wide lockdown. She now has to meet with Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Woods, the man behind her arrest.

However, he is there to seek her help to find his daughter and granddaughter in return for her freedom.