Teddy Fay Books in Order

If you like thrilling crime novels, you’ve probably heard of Teddy Fay, the vigilante with a mission created by Stuart Woods.

Teddy Fay’s story unfolds across a series of six books, each co-authored by talented writers such as Parnell Hall and Bryon Quertermous.

Just like any Stuart Woods books, Teddy Fay series are packed with action, intrigue, and suspense.

If you’re looking for a series that combines action, intrigue, and suspense, look no further than the Teddy Fay novels.

With fast-paced sequences, these stories have earned a place on the bookshelves of fans of espionage and crime fiction, thanks to six compelling books and a charismatic vigilante.

In this article, we have arranged the Teddy Fay books in order so that you know where to start the series. Let’s get started.

Sl. No.Teddy Fay Books in Order
1)Smooth Operator (2016)
2)The Money Shot (2019)
3)Skin Game (2019)
4)Bombshell (2020)
5)Jackpot (2021)
6)Obsession (2023)

Stuart Woods’ Teddy Fay Books in Order

1) Smooth Operator (2016)

Smooth Operator (2016)
Smooth Operator (2016)

Smooth Operator is co-written with Parnell Hall and published in 2016.

The story begins with “Smooth Operator,” the first book in the Teddy Fay series.

Teddy Fay establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with in this action-packed story by donning the role of a vigilante.

When called by President, Stone Barrington realizes quickly that this situation is tailormade for Teddy Fay.

Teddy Fay knows how to push the envelope and deploy skills that law may frown upon to save the situation from corruption and intrigue at the highest echelons of the government.

2) The Money Shot (2019)

The Money Shot (2019)
The Money Shot (2019)

The Money Shot is co-written with Parnell Hall and published in 2019.

Teddy Fay returns with a vengeance in “The Money Shot,” the second instalment of the series.

He is thrust once more into a high-stakes world of political intrigue and looming national security threats.

As Teddy investigates, he discovers a dangerous conspiracy with far-reaching consequences than he had imagined.

On his journey, he finds himself in perilous situation on more than one occasion.

His relentless pursuit and nail-biting set-pieces of the truth keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

3) Skin Game (2019)

Skin Game (2019)
Skin Game (2019)

Skin Game is also co-written with Parnell Hall and published in 2019.

In “Skin Game,” Teddy Fay’s indomitable spirit shines brightly once more to save himself as well foil the plan of a cunning enemy.

This time, he is up against a ruthless adversary who is unrelenting in its pursuit of their sinister goals.

Teddy’s survival instincts and unrivalled resourcefulness are tested as he battles a foe who follows their own deadly rules.

As Teddy takes on this formidable challenge, readers can expect a rollercoaster ride of suspense and action.

4) Bombshell (2020)

Bombshell (2020)
Bombshell (2020)

Bombshell is co-written with Parnell Hall and published in 2020.

The fourth instalment in the series, “Bombshell,” sends Teddy Fay on another thrilling adventure.

Teddy Fay makes another foray into Hollywood, only this time reluctantly with danger of violence looking above.

With the clock ticking, he races against the clock engaging his entire repertoire of spy skills to thwart the enemy.

As the stakes rise, readers are treated to a never-ending barrage of thrills that highlight Teddy Fay’s unwavering commitment to justice.

5) Jackpot (2021)

Jackpot (2021)
Jackpot (2021)

Jackpot is co-written with Bryon Quertermous and published in 2021.

Teddy Fay’s adventures continue in “Jackpot,” the fifth book in the series. This time, he’s in uncharted territory, facing new challenges and saving Stone Barrington!

Teddy Fay, along with co-author Bryon Quertermous, demonstrates that he is a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of espionage and crime fiction.

Readers can expect another engrossing story full of high-stakes at Macau casinos, political intrigue and sinister crimal that will keep them turning the pages. Fans of Teddy Fay can also read another crime series – Walt Longmire Books.

6) Obsession (2023)

Obsession (2023)
Obsession (2023)

Obsession was published in 2023. The series’ most recent instalment, “Obsession,” co-written with Brett Battles, promises yet another heart-pounding adventure.

Teddy Fay’s has to fight on two fronts he struggles to fend off an obsessive fan stalking his film location and rescue the kidnapped wife of Croatian billionaire.

Readers can expect a gripping narrative that highlights Teddy Fay’s unwavering commitment to justice in this latest instalment.