Stone Barrington Book Series in Order: Stuart Woods’ 64 Books

Here you’ll find the most recommended of the Stone Barrington book series in order.

The captivating Stone Barrington book series, penned by renowned American author Stuart Woods, has gained significant popularity ever since the first book was released.

The series features Stone Barrington, a former detective now an adept lawyer, as he skillfully maneuvers through high-stakes legal challenges and the exclusive realms of New York City’s elite social circles.

Throughout the series, Stone Barrington confronts diverse challenges, from unraveling gruesome crimes and facing perilous foes to intricately maneuvering through complex romantic entanglements.

The series is known for its fast-paced action, suspenseful plotlines, and glamorous settings. Before you go further, you may also have a peek at the all the Stuart Woods Books in Order.

Sl. No.Stone Barrington Book Series in Order
1)New York Dead (1991)
2)Dirt (1996)
3)Dead in the Water (1997)
4)Swimming to Catalina (1998)
5)Worst Fears Realized (1999)
6)L.A. Dead (2000)
7)Cold Paradise (2001)
8)The Short Forever (2002)
9)Dirty Work (2003)
10)Reckless Abandon (2004)
11)Two-Dollar Bill (2005)
12)Dark Harbor (2006)
13)Fresh Disasters (2007)
14)Shoot Him if He Runs (2007)
15)Hot Mahogany (2008)
16)Loitering with Intent (2009)
17)Kisser (2010)
18)Lucid Intervals (2010)
19)Strategic Moves (2011)
20)Bel-Air Dead (2011)
21)Son of Stone (2011)
22)D.C. Dead (2012)
23)Unnatural Acts (2012)
24)Severe Clear (2012)
25)Collateral Damage (2013)
26)Unintended Consequences (2013)
27)Doing Hard Time (2013)
28)Standup Guy (2014)
29)Carnal Curiosity (2014)
30)Cut and Thrust (2014)
31)Paris Match (2014)
32)Insatiable Appetites (2015)
33)Hot Pursuit (2015)
34)Naked Greed (2015)
35)Foreign Affairs (2015)
36)Scandalous Behavior (2016)
37)Family Jewels (2016)
38)Dishonorable Intentions (2016)
39)Sex, Lies & Serious Money (2016)
40)Below the Belt (2017)
41)Fast and Loose (2017)
42)Indecent Exposure (2017)
43)Quick & Dirty (2017)
44)Unbound (2018)
45)Shoot First (2018)
46)Turbulence (2018)
47)Desperate Measures (2018)
48)A Delicate Touch (2019)
49)Wild Card (2019)
50)Contraband (2019)
51)Stealth (2019)
52) Treason (2020)
53)Hit List (2020)
54)Choppy Water (2020)
55)Shakeup (2020)
56)Hush-Hush (2020)
57)Double Jeopardy (2021)
58)Class Act (2021)
59)Foul Play (2021)
60)Criminal Mischief (2021)
61)A Safe House (2022)
62)Black Dog (2022)
63)Distant Thunder (2022)
64)Near Miss (2023)
Stone Barrington series books in their chronological order

Who is Stone Barrington?

The main protagonist of the Stone Barrington book series is Stone Barrington, a highly intelligent and successful lawyer who was once a detective for the NYPD.

Throughout the series, Stone is portrayed as a man who loves the finer things in life, including good food, expensive cars, and beautiful women.

He has a reputation for being a ladies’ man and has been involved in many romantic relationships throughout the series.

Despite his charm and confidence, Stone is also a complex character who has faced his fair share of personal and professional challenges.

Stone is known for his resourcefulness and ability to handle difficult situations with ease. He has a keen sense of justice and is willing to put his own safety on the line to help others.

He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and family and will stop at nothing to protect them.

Stuart Woods’ Biography

Stuart Woods is an American novelist born on January 9, 1938, in Manchester, Georgia.

Woods worked as a journalist for the Charlotte Observer and then as a copywriter and creative director for various advertising agencies before becoming a full-time writer.

He has written over 80 novels, including the Stone Barrington series, the Holly Barker series, and the Ed Eagle series, among others.

Stone Barrington Book Series in Order

1) New York Dead (1991)

New York Dead (1991)

Stone Barrington is a New York City cop who witnesses the murder of the country’s most beloved anchorwoman, the beautiful Sasha Nijinsky. No matter where he runs, the case follows him.

2) Dirt (1996)

Dirt (1996)

No longer working as a cop, Stone Barrington is now a private investigator who is employed by Amanda Dart, a popular gossipmonger whose life is in shambles after someone decides to reveal every little detail of Amanda’s life in the newspaper.

3) Dead in the Water (1997)

Dead in the Water (1997)

Before Stone Barrington can start off his sailing vacation on a beautiful Caribbean Island nation, the entry of a beautiful woman all alone on a yacht causes a frenzy and she comes under the scrutiny of local authorities. However, in a country with an extremely corrupt justice system, will Barrington be able to prove the woman innocent?

4) Swimming to Catalina (1998)

Swimming to Catalina (1998)

Stone Barrington receives a desperate call from his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, Vance Calder, a Hollywood star, saying that his ex-girlfriend has vanished and he needs Barrington’s help to find her.

For the fans of detective thrillers, Louise Penny’s The Inspector Gamache Books is an excellent choice.

5) Worst Fears Realized (1999)

Worst Fears Realized (1999)

When Stone Barrington’s closest loved ones start dying, Barrington suspects that the assailant is someone he knows. Will Stone Barrington find the perpetrator behind these heinous crimes before another innocent person perishes?

6) L.A. Dead (2000)

L.A. Dead (2000)

While on vacation in Venice with his girlfriend, Stone Barrington’s ex-girlfriend calls him in a panic after a celebrity has been murdered in Los Angeles.

7) Cold Paradise (2001)

Cold Paradise (2001)

Palm Beach is a beautiful resort town in Florida and is the setting for the most glamorous crime scene that Stone Barrington has ever encountered. Former client Allison Manning, thought to be dead, seeks Barrington’s help once again.

8) The Short Forever (2002)

The Short Forever (2002)

Stone Barrington is approached by the enigmatic, John Bartholomew, to find his niece who is living in London with a bad influence. However, this case is not as straightforward as it seems.

As Barrington tries to convince the niece to return to New York, he becomes confused about who is the actual villain in this story.

9) Dirty Work (2003)

Dirty Work (2003)

When Stone Barrington goes undercover to follow a heiress’ cheating husband, he finds the husband dead and is implicated in the murder. To clear his name, Barrington must find the real culprit from amongst New York’s glitterati.

10) Reckless Abandon (2004)

Reckless Abandon (2004)

Holly Barker, the main protagonist in Stuart Woods’ Holly Barker series, and Stone Barrington collaborate to find a terrorist who is trying to work with the mafia to launder money.

11) Two-Dollar Bill (2005)

Two-Dollar Bill (2005)

In the eleventh installment in Stuart Woods’ Stone Barrington series, as Barrington and his ex-partner try to approach a man at a bar, they are shot.

He offers the man a safe haven but regrets it immediately after he goes missing. What’s even worse, there is a man dead inside Barrington’s house.

12) Dark Harbor (2006)

Dark Harbor (2006)

Barrington and Barker are back together once again, this time in Dark Harbor, Maine. Barrington travels to Dark Harbor, Maine after learning about the murder of his cousin Dick and his entire family.

What is initially ruled out as a murder is soon revealed to be something more sinister when he learns that Dick was promoted and was working for the CIA.

13) Fresh Disasters (2007)

Fresh Disasters (2007)

Stone Barrington is on the bad side of the mafia after he agrees to represent a sleazy con man.

14) Shoot Him if He Runs (2007)

Shoot Him if He Runs (2007)

Stone Barrington and Holly Barker join forces to track down spy and assassin, Teddy Fay, who was considered dead for quite some time now. Barrington, Barker, and Bacchetti are hired by President Will Lee to track down Teddy Fay on the Caribbean island of St. Marks.

In this book, Teddy Fay makes an appearance for the first time.

15) Hot Mahogany (2008)

Hot Mahogany (2008)

When Barton Cabot, a CIA operative loses his memory after an accident, his brother hires Stone Barrington to save his brother from other attacks.

16) Loitering with Intent (2009)

Loitering with Intent (2009)

Stone Barrington is hired by a wealthy man to find his missing son in the tropical paradise of Key West, Florida. However, when Barrington and Bacchetti arrive in Key West, they are attacked by a goon hired by the supposedly ‘missing son.’

17) Kisser (2010)

Kisser (2010)

Back in New York, Stone Barrington becomes charmed by an aspiring actress who is a wealthy art dealer’s daughter involved in financial fraud. Will Stone be able to uncover the price at which wealth and beauty are achieved in this world?

18) Lucid Intervals (2010)

Lucid Intervals (2010)

When Stone Barrington and Dino Bacchetti are enjoying a drink at Elaine’s, they are approached by Herbie Fisher, a former client in need of a lawyer.

Meanwhile, another person in need of a lawyer enters the bar, a beautiful woman. Stone is swayed by her charm and takes her on as a client.

19) Strategic Moves (2011)

Strategic Moves (2011)

While Stone is enjoying his dinner at Elaine’s his boss comes by and hands him a check for one million dollars. However, as soon as he accepts the deal, he gets wind of a scandal that will ruin his chance of a promotion.

20) Bel-Air Dead (2011)

Bel-Air Dead (2011)

Arrington Calder is back. Arrington is recently widowed and has inherited her husband’s huge fortune. She hires Barrington to deal with the paper. But when Barrington arrives in Hollywood he gets wrapped up in an exciting adventure.

If you’ve Stone Barrington’s series then James Patterson’s Texas Ranger Book Series should be your next pit stop.

21) Son of Stone (2011)

Son of Stone (2011)

Back in New York City, Barrington is introduced to his son with Arrington Calder.

22) D.C. Dead (2012)

D.C. Dead (2012)

After tragedy strikes, Barrington is unsure if he wants to continue working as a lawyer in New York. Fortunately, he is summoned by President Will Lee to go on a mission with Holly Barker.

23) Unnatural Acts (2012)

Unnatural Acts (2012)

Barrington is hired by a billionaire to talk sense into his wayward son. What seems like a simple job soon becomes complicated when the memory of an old case comes back to haunt him.

24) Severe Clear (2012)

Severe Clear (2012)

Stone Barrington is hired to overlook an exclusive Hollywood event after it becomes the center of the plans of a dangerous criminal group.

25) Collateral Damage (2013)

Collateral Damage (2013)

Back in New York City after an exciting trip to Hollywood, Barrington is visited by Holly Barker. What seems like a simple case at first, takes these lovers around the world to uncover a global plot of murder and vengeance.

26) Unintended Consequences (2013)

Unintended Consequences (2013)

Stone Barrington has seen his share of schemes and deceptions. When he travels to Europe, he is unexpectedly invited to two events that will bring him into the world of European privilege, spies, and mass wealth.

27) Doing Hard Time (2013)

Doing Hard Time (2013)

When Barrington decides to vacation in Bel-Air a previously resolved case comes back in full force. Barrington is teamed up with former CIA operative Teddy Fay, an assassin with unique abilities.

28) Standup Guy (2014)

Standup Guy (2014)

Stone Barrington is approached by a polite gentleman looking for advice on business dealing. After Barrington helps the seemingly normal man and sends him on his way, he is approached by a string of people who are very interested in this man’s activity.

29) Carnal Curiosity (2014)

Carnal Curiosity (2014)

Some can say that Stone Barrington has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this book, Stone and his partner Dino Bacchetti are drawn into the world of financial fraud after Manhattan’s elite become the target of a series of crimes.

30) Cut and Thrust (2014)

Cut and Thrust (2014)

Stone Barrington travels to Los Angeles to attend the biggest political convention of the year. But upon arriving, he learns that an acquaintance is breaking and making new political alliances. The chaos created is all a ploy to cover for more sinister plans.

31) Paris Match (2014)

Paris Match (2014)

Back in Europe, Stone Barrington becomes embroiled in legal troubles in Paris. A scandal that threatens to disrupt work in the United States.

32) Insatiable Appetites (2015)

Insatiable Appetites (2015)

In this thrilling novel, a past foe is determined to wreak havoc in Stone Barrington’s life. Meanwhile, when Barrington is asked to read the will of his mentor, it unearths family and business secrets that are alarming for everybody.

33) Hot Pursuit (2015)

Hot Pursuit (2015)

When Stone Barrington travels to Wichita to get his plane, his plane is delivered by a beautiful woman who will be moving to New York soon. Barrington also receives an invitation to a secret club with exclusive membership.

34) Naked Greed (2015)

Naked Greed (2015)

Barrington becomes involved in the world of beer making and distribution after rescuing a brewery owner from an attack by two rogue policemen.

35) Foreign Affairs (2015)

Foreign Affairs (2015)

When Barrington goes to Europe on a business trip, the trip seems to be cursed and full of unfortunate accidents that Stone believes to be more than coincidence.

36) Scandalous Behavior (2016)

Scandalous Behavior (2016)

Eager to spend some quiet time in the English countryside, when Barrington lands in England, he is approached by a beautiful woman involved in a deadly mystery.

37) Family Jewels (2016)

Family Jewels (2016)

Stone Barrington’s newest client is a wealthy heiress who seeks Barrington’s help in protecting her from a man who is stalking her. But as soon as Barrington becomes involved, two lethal crimes take place and he starts to probe into the motives of his beautiful client.

38) Dishonorable Intentions (2016)

Dishonorable Intentions (2016)

Stone Barrington is really enjoying his time with his new lover, a sensual woman who has some unfinished business with an angry man who considers Barrington an obstacle. No matter how far Barrington and his new friend try to run, they are pursued by the tenacious man.

39) Sex, Lies & Serious Money (2016)

Sex, Lies & Serious Money (2016)

After Stone Barrington arrives home, he finds a new client anxiously waiting for him at his doorstep. The man asking for help reveals to Barrington how he acquired his recent fortune and that he desperately needs Barrington’s help to safeguard it.

40) Below the Belt (2017)

Below the Belt (2017)

While Stone Barrington is enjoying some quality time with his new companion, he gets a call from an old friend asking for a favor after a situation arises that only Stone can contain.

41) Fast and Loose (2017)

Fast and Loose (2017)

As Stone Barrington is enjoying a boating excursion, he is approached by several members of a prestigious family with a business opportunity in return for his assistance in a sticky situation.

42) Indecent Exposure (2017)

Indecent Exposure (2017)

Stone Barrington, a lawyer and investigator, has been the topic of gossip for a long time. However, after his private dealings are made public, he can’t get away from people and do normal things.

43) Quick & Dirty (2017)

Quick & Dirty (2017)

When a beautiful woman becomes Stone Barrington’s new client, his association with her pulls him into a tough mystery.

44) Unbound (2018)

Unbound (2018)

Teddy Fay, a former CIA operative and killer is now a Hollywood producer who goes by the name Billy Barnett. When tragedy strikes Fay, he travels to see his friends Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle. Fortunately, he is handed the opportunity to exact his revenge.

45) Shoot First (2018)

Shoot First (2018)

Back in Key West, Stone Barrington is enjoying a game of golf that is interrupted by one of his playing companions, a businesswoman behind a software startup. Barrington soon learns that this was just one of the many attempts being made in her life.

46) Turbulence (2018)

Turbulence (2018)

Stone Barrington’s vacation with his friends is disturbed when an extreme weather event brings a powerful politician to their doorstep.

47) Desperate Measures (2018)

Desperate Measures (2018)

Stone Barrington is the target of a series of disturbing crimes but when his new acquaintance becomes the target of this plot, Barrington must prepare to meet his latest nemesis.

48) A Delicate Touch (2019)

A Delicate Touch (2019)

Stone Barrington is approached by an old acquaintance who needs his assistance to uncover a mystery. However, when that happens it reveals a scandal that several members of the New York elite are trying to hide.

49) Wild Card (2019)

Wild Card (2019)

While Barrington is enjoying alone time with his latest fling, their idyllic vacation is hampered by the entry of an unwelcome stranger, who is sent by Stone’s adversary who wants him dead.

50) Contraband (2019)

Contraband (2019)

During his vacation in Florida, Barrington joins hands with a local detective to investigate the strange thing that fell from the sky. To their dismay, the evidence they have collected keeps on disappearing. But even when he is back in New York, certain aspects of the case keep following him.

51) Stealth (2019)

Stealth (2019)

While enjoying some quiet time in the English countryside, Barrington is sent to a remote part of the UK where he comes face to face with a worthy adversary.

52) Treason (2020)

Treason (2020)

When a delicate situation arises with the country’s administration, Barrington’s expertise is required to uncover the person within the spy agency who is behind this.

53) Hit List (2020)

Hit List (2020)

Stone Barrington’s name is on a hit list. When Barrington learns about this, he plans to catch the culprit but when his plan fails, he seeks the assistance of his connections. But can Barrington even trust them?

54) Choppy Water (2020)

Choppy Water (2020)

While vacationing with his friends on the coast of Maine, Barrington’s vacation is cut short by extreme weather disturbances. Meanwhile, a menacing adversary unknowingly seeks refuge with Barrington and his friends.

55) Shakeup (2020)

Shakeup (2020)

After returning from a dangerous mission, all Stone Barrington wants is some alone time with his new lady friend. However, quiet is not an option for Barrington after a slew of eager clients makes him suspicious that something sinister is afoot.

56) Hush-Hush (2020)

Hush-Hush (2020)

Stone Barrington is attacked by an anonymous enemy that wants Barrington dead. With the help of some old friends, Barrington tries to uncover the plot against him.

Want more detective stories? Check out Lucas Davenport Books in Order if you’re a fan of suspenseful mysteries like Stone Barrington series.

57) Double Jeopardy (2021)

Double Jeopardy (2021)

Stone heads to his family home in Maine to deal with some family matters. However, when he arrives in Maine, he finds himself threatened by the coastal elite.

58) Class Act (2021)

Class Act (2021)

As Stone Barrington starts to settle down in New York City, he is contacted by an old client who needs his help with some delicate matters. As Barrington sets out to help his client, his mission becomes complicated when he makes a charming new acquaintance with a woman.

59) Foul Play (2021)

Foul Play (2021)

When a new client finds themselves in deep danger, it puts the safety of the city at stake and Stone Barrington must get involved. Though it is not clear who is jeopardizing the safety of the city, Stone Barrington must use every connection he has to unravel this plot.

60) Criminal Mischief (2021)

Criminal Mischief (2021)

Stone Barrington is once again back in New York City but as soon as he arrives, he is made aware of a plot to bring his beloved city to the ground. As he pursues justice, Barrington is sent across a chase around the world.

61) A Safe House (2022)

A Safe House (2022)

Back in New York City, Stone Barrington is employed to ensure the safe delivery of some precious cargo across the Atlantic. However, somebody is doing everything in their power to ensure that this delivery is not made.

62) Black Dog (2022)

Black Dog (2022)

Stone Barrington wishes to settle down in New York City after a strenuous assignment. However, his introduction to a glamorous socialite brings him closer to a nefarious enemy that is trying to endanger all of the people Barrington holds dear.

63) Distant Thunder (2022)

Distant Thunder (2022)

After an intense storm in Maine, Stone Barrington finds a dead man on his doorstep. As he tries to unravel the man’s identity, he soon becomes embroiled in a conflict between the CIA and several nefarious foreign forces.

64) Near Miss (2023)

Near Miss (2023)

In the hopes of enjoying some much-needed downtime, Stone Barrington visits New York City. However, when he starts a romantic relationship with a new companion, her ex-lover is not amused and causes several disturbances in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stone Barrington book series about?

Stone Barrington, the protagonist of the series, is an ex-NYPD cop turned successful lawyer with a penchant for the finer things in life.

The series deals with law, court, investigation, crimes, intrigue, suspense, and romance. The novels are fast-paced and nail-biting, with Stone finding himself amidst various cases involving the who's who of the city.

Also answers:

1) How does the usual plot of a Stone Barrington book look like?

How many books are in the Stone Barrington series?

Till date there are 64 books in the Stone Barrington series. 

Do Stone Barrington books need to be read in order?

Stone Barrington novels are best understood when read in chronological order as it will give the reader a better insight in to the characters, themes and story arch that might span many books in the series.

But don't let that desist you from picking up any Stone Barrington book randomly. Each book can be read and enjoyed individually as each has its own story not related to any other novel in the series. 

In what order should I read Stuart Woods books?

Stuart books can be read in their order of publishing as each book has a self-contained story.

What other author writes like Stuart Woods?

Here are some of authors who write in the similar genre as Stuart Woods:

  • James Patterson
  • Robert B. Parker
  • C.J. Box
  • Robert Knott
  • Harlan Coben
  • Lawrence Sanders
  • John Grisham
  • David Baldacci

You can start reading any of the books from the above-mentioned authors similar to Stuart Woods. The books by these authors are fast-paced thrillers full of suspense, mystery, legal twists and espionage. 

Also answers:

1) Who writes like Stuart Woods?
2) What should I read after Stuart Woods?

What genre is Stuart Woods?

Stuart Woods writes mostly in thriller genre with huge dollops of crime, investigation, legal tangle and romance. His most successful series is the Stone Barrington series.

What is Stone Barrington books' age rating?

Stone Barrington books are primarily meant for adults. The age rating for the Stone Barrington novels is 18+ years.

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