Stuart Woods’ Rick Barron Books in Order

Another enigmatic character from Stone Barrington series has been given his own books. We are talking about Rick Barron! We will find out all of Rick Barron books, their date of publishing and summary!

In Hollywood’s Golden Age, Rick Barron is a sharp detective in the LAPD force. However, after he witnesses his boss in a compromising situation, he is demoted.

Instead of working for the LAPD, Barron decides to take his expertise elsewhere, someplace where they’ll be appreciated.

This is when he finds a job as a security detail for the biggest stars in Hollywood at the prestigious Centurion Pictures, a prominent studio.

Rick Barron is the protagonist in two books- The Prince of Beverly Hills and its sequel Beverly Hills Dead. He also has a cameo in Stuart Woods’ Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle novels.

The Rick Barron novels are written by American writer Stuart Woods. A New York Times bestselling author, over a career that spanned 40-plus years, Woods wrote 44 novels.

Woods, who was an amateur pilot, passed away at the age of 84 in 2022, he is survived by his wife Jeanmarie.

Rick Barron Books (Standalone)

1) The Prince of Beverly Hills (2004)

After getting demoted from the position of Detective in the LAPD, Rick Barron decides to look for another job.

He soon finds employment as a security detail for Hollywood stars at Centurion Pictures. Gossip columns have dubbed Rick ‘The Prince of Beverly Hills.’

While Rick provides security to Clete Barrow, a flamboyant British actor, and Glenna Gleason, an actress approaching stardom, he uncovers the truth behind a murder that could destroy the studio completely.

Soon two more murders happen and an attempt to murder Rick’s friend is made which pushes Rick to investigate the murders himself.

2) Beverly Hills Dead (2008)

Set several years after the events, Rick Barron is no longer just a security detail, he has risen to the top of production at Centurion Pictures.

Tensions are running high in Hollywood as the Red Scare has taken over America and many of Barron’s closest friends, even his wife, are under investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee. However, Rick isn’t surprised at all.

Rick Barron Special Appearances

1) Short Straw (2006, 2nd Ed Eagle Novel)

Short Straw (2006)
Short Straw (2006)

Ed Eagle is madly in love with the seductive Barbara Kennerly and marries her after a short courtship despite his better judgment. Ed’s intuition is rarely wrong.

It seems that on Ed’s fortieth birthday, Barbara slipped him some sleeping pills, cleaned his bank account, and escaped to Mexico, from where she can’t be extradited.

To make his fortieth birthday celebrations even worse, Ed is assigned a new client: Joe Bigg, a mechanic charged with triple homicide.

Will Ed be able to help Joe? Will he be able to uncover Joe’s true identity and connection to Barbara? This is Rick Barron’s first cameo in the Stuart Woods Literary Universe.

Here is a complete summary of Short Straw.

2) Bel-Air Dead (2011, 20th Stone Barrington Novel)

Bel-Air Dead (2011)
Bel-Air Dead (2011)

Arrington Calder is back. Arrington is recently widowed and has inherited her husband’s huge fortune.

She hires Barrington to deal with the paper. But when Barrington arrives in Hollywood he gets wrapped up in an exciting adventure.

Rick Barron and Ed Eagle have a prominent cameo in this book. It is also Rick Barron’s last known appearance in the Stuart Woods Literary Universe. Read more about Bel-Air Dead.