Odd Thomas Books in Order: Dean Koontz’s 9 Book Series

The Odd Thomas book series is a collection of novels written by Dean Koontz. The series consists of eight books in total: “Odd Thomas,” “Forever Odd,” “Brother Odd,” “Odd Hours,” “Odd Apocalypse,” “Deeply Odd,” “Saint Odd,” and “Odd Interlude.”

It revolves around the character of Odd Thomas, a young man who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead.

Throughout the series, Odd encounters a variety of supernatural and paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, demons, and monsters.

The novels also explore themes of love, loss, and the human condition, as Odd struggles to balance his unique abilities with the demands of everyday life.

Sl. No.Odd Thomas Books in Order
1)Odd Thomas (2003)
2)Forever Odd (2005)
3)Brother Odd (2006)
4)Odd Hours (2008)
5)Odd Interlude (2012, novella)
6)Odd Apocalypse (2012)
7)Deeply Odd (2013)
8)Odd Thomas: You are destined to be together
forever (2014, novella)
9)Saint Odd (2015)
10)In Odd We Trust (2008)
11)Odd Is On Our Side (2010)
12)House of Odd (2012)

Who is the main protagonist of the Odd Thomas book series?

Odd Thomas is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas book series. He is a twenty-year-old man who resides in the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California.

Odd Thomas has the ability to see the spirits of dead people. And while the ghosts can hear him speak, they can’t speak themselves and talk to him by mouthing words or making signs.

Other recurring characters include; Little Ozzie, an extremely intelligent felinophile who has authored several factual books on art, Odd’s best friend Danny Jessup, and Odd’s girlfriend, Bronwen “Stormy” Llewellyn.

Dean Koontz’s Biography

Dean Koontz is an American author of suspense thrillers, satire, horror, science fiction, mystery, and fantasy. Koontz was born in Pennsylvania and was regularly beaten and physically abused by his alcoholic father who influenced his writing.

He worked as an English teacher and then for the Appalachian Poverty Program. In his spare time, Koontz wrote science fiction. His first book, Star Quest was published in 1968.

Odd Thomas Books in Order

1) Odd Thomas (2003)

Odd Thomas (2003)

Odd Thomas is a thriller novel that follows the exploits of Odd Thomas, a twenty-year-old short-order cook. Odd is approached by the ghost of a brutally raped and murdered young girl.

He uses his power to find her killer. Then an imminent catastrophe is looming over his hometown as a stranger visits.

Along with Stormy Llewellyn and an unlikely community of allies, Odd finds himself in a race against time to thwart the gathering evil.

2) Forever Odd (2005)

Forever Odd (2005)

Odd Thomas strives to live an ordinary life but at the same time is compelled to help the ghosts that confide in him.

In Forever Odd, Odd must look into the disappearance of a childhood friend and learn more about the woman that kidnapped his friend and her unearthly friends.

3) Brother Odd (2006)

Brother Odd (2006)

The third novel in Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series, Brother Odd was published in 2006 and is set seven months after the events of Forever Odd.

In this period, Odd became a guest at St. Bartholomew’s Abbey to seek peace and understanding. There he befriends a dog that will assist him in his future adventures.

Odd is attacked by a mysterious killer after one of the monks disappears. We also unite with the ghost of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

4) Odd Hours (2008)

Odd Hours (2008)

Odd Thomas is pulled into a small coastal town in California where he and the ghost of his dog and Frank Sinatra meet a young woman named Annamaria.

Annamaria is in imminent danger and it is up to Odd to save her and even save the world from destruction.

5) Odd Interlude (2012, novella)

Odd Interlude (2012, novella)

Odd Interlude is a novella that was initially published as three short stories. It is set between the events of Odd Hours and Odd Apocalypse.

6) Odd Apocalypse (2012)

Odd Apocalypse (2012)

Odd Thomas and Annamaria, his travelling companion, have been invited to Roseland, a pristine estate that is home to a reclusive billionaire.

All Odd wants after his last adventure is some rest, however, as soon as he enters the sprawling estate he senses that something is wrong. Even the staff holds malice towards people from the outside world.

7) Deeply Odd (2013)

Deeply Odd (2013)

In the sixth instalment in Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas book series, Deeply Odd, Odd has several visions of a disturbing homicide that is about to happen.

Odd feels obligated to prevent this tragedy and begins his journey from California to Nevada to stop the sociopathic maniac from committing such a heinous crime.

8) Odd Thomas: You are destined to be together forever (2014, novella)

Odd Thomas: You are destined to be together forever (2014, novella)

Odd Thomas: You are destined to be together forever is a novella that returns to Odd’s roots and explores his relationship with Stormy Llewellyn.

The ghost of Elvis Presley propels the young couple into an adventure that fulfils the prophecy that Tomas and Stormy shall spend eternity with one another.

You may also like Anita Blake books if you’re in to supernatural genre.

9) Saint Odd (2015)

Saint Odd (2015)

Saint Odd is the seventh and last instalment in Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas book series.

This book tells the story of the time when Odd Thomas is drawn towards a Gypsy Mummy, who told him that he is destined to stay together with his late love, Stormy Llewellyn.

Thomas must embrace his ultimate fate as he grapples with the destruction of his town.

Odd Thomas Graphic Novels Prequels

1) In Odd We Trust (2008)

In Odd We Trust is the first graphic novel that features Dean Koontz’s character Odd Thomas. This novel was written by Koontz and Queenie Chan, who also illustrated the book in the style of Japanese manga.

In Odd We Trust serves as a prequel to the first Odd Thomas novel. Odd embarks on a journey to bring justice to the ghost of a young boy who was brutally murdered.

2) Odd Is On Our Side (2010)

Odd In On Our Side is the second graphic novel that is written by Fred Van Lente and Dean Koontz. It is illustrated by Queenie Chan. It is Halloween and Odd Thomas cannot shake the feeling that something is lurking in the shadows.

However, even the ghost of Elvis Presley cannot point Odd in the right direction. Odd sets out to uncover the terrible truth with the help of his girlfriend Stormy.

3) House of Odd (2012)

House of Odd is the third graphic novel that features Dean Koontz’s character Odd Thomas. It is written by Landry Walker and Koontz and it is illustrated by Queenie Chan. You may also want to check Five Nights at Freddy (FNaF Books in Order) series that will send a chill down your soine!

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