Little House on the Prairie Books in Order: How to Read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Series?

Little House on the Prairie is a series of nine autobiographical children’s novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Originally, 8 books were planned to be released, and the 8th book, titled These Happy Golden Years, contains a page with the note, “The end of the Little House books.”

Harper & Brothers later published the ninth book posthumously in 1971. Although Wilder’s plans remain unknown, the ninth book, titled The First Four Years, is considered the final book in the Little House series.

The books have been adapted into various television shows, like Jackanory, Little House on the Prairie (TV series), Laura, the Prairie Girl (animated series), and Beyond the Prairie.

A musical version of the books was performed at the Guthrie Theatre in Minnesota on July 26, 2008. A one-hour documentary film on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life has also been made.

The Little House on the Prairie series has received immense love and appreciation from its readers. Over 60 million copies of the books have been sold worldwide, and all the novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list.

Four spin-off series containing the biographies of Laura’s great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and daughter have also been written.

Sl. No.Little House on the Prairie Books in Order
1)Little House in the Big Woods (1932)
2)Farmer Boy (1933)
3)Little House on the Prairie (1935)
4)On the Banks of Plum Creek (1937)
5)By the Shores of Silver Lake (1939)
6)The Long Winter (1940)
7)Little Town on the Prairie (1941)
8)These Happy Golden Years (1943)
9)The First Four Years (1971)
Little House on the Prairie Books in Order

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Biography

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, born on February 7, 1867, in Pepin County, Wisconsin, was an American journalist, writer, teacher, and family farmer.

She is popular for her Little House on the Prairie novels for children. Laura was active as a writer from 1911 to 1957. She submitted an article to the Missouri Ruralist in 1911, became a columnist and editor, and continued to work until the mid-1920s.

After Rose Wilder motivated her to improve her writing skills and become a better writer, Laura started writing more articles. During the Great Depression, Laura’s family struggled financially and emotionally with the news of Laura’s mother’s death in 1924 and her older sister’s death in 1928.

She wrote an autobiographical manuscript to preserve her childhood memories and requested Rose’s opinion on it. Rose’s publisher advised Laura to expand her stories.

After her manuscript was edited, Harper & Brothers published it in 1932, and Laura’s first book became a huge success.

She wrote seven more novels from 1932 to 1943. Laura died on February 10, 1957, three days after her 90th birthday. Her ninth book in the Little House on the Prairie series was published posthumously on February 1, 1971.

Who is Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Laura is the daughter of Charles and Caroline Ingalls. She was born in the dense pine forest of Wisconsin. Laura and her family refer to the forest as the big woods.

Laura loves to go fishing and helps her family with their chores whenever she can. She is the second-oldest child out of Charles and Caroline’s five children.

Pa Charles calls her Half Pint with love. Laura is often laughed at by her classmates for being a pioneer girl, but she thinks it’s something to be proud of.

Her family goes through a lot of difficult times, but Laura’s optimistic and cheerful nature always helps them stay strong.

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Little House on the Prairie Books in Order

The Little House on the Prairie series contains nine books. The first book titled Little House on the Prairie was published in 1932. Laura Ingalls’ 9th book, titled The First Four Years, was published posthumously in 1971.

1) Little House in the Big Woods (1932)

Little House in the Big Woods (1932)

Published in 1932, Little House in the Big Woods is the first novel in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. The book is based on the author’s childhood.

The story is set in 1871. Ms. Wilder narrates how things were when she was a little girl living in a house on the edge of the woods in Wisconsin.

Four-year-old Laura lives with her Pa Charles Ingalls, her Ma Caroline Ingalls, her older sister Mary, and her younger sister Carrie in a log cabin.

The family also owns an adorable dog. Pioneer life is hard. The family needs to arrange for food and prepare for the winter. But they never fail to enjoy the good times.

They celebrate Christmas with handcrafted toys and homemade treats. They plant in the spring, harvest in the autumn, and prepare to visit the town for the first time.

Laura is safe and sound in her house, as are her sisters. Every night, Pa’s music lulls all of them to sleep.

2) Farmer Boy (1933)

Little House in the Big Woods (1932)

Published in 1933, Farmer Boy is the second novel in the Little House series. The book focuses on the childhood experiences of Laura Ingalls’ future husband, Almanzo Wilder. The story is set in the mid-1800s.

Almanzo is a young boy who lives on a large farm in northern New York. He is unsure how he feels about his school and chores. He dreams of owning his own horse, but Almanzo’s father thinks he isn’t old enough to handle such a responsibility. Can Almanzo prove himself?

3) Little House on the Prairie (1935)

Little House on the Prairie (1935)

Published in 1935, Little House on the Prairie is the third novel in the Little House series. This book is considered one of the best-selling children’s books of all time.

The family is ready for a huge change. Pa Charles Ingalls makes up his mind to sell the log house and take the family to Indian country. They journey from Wisconsin and arrive in Kansas, where Pa decides to build their new house on the prairie.

Leading a farm life is far from easy. Sometimes it’s a little dangerous, too. But Laura and her family are happy. They are excited to start a new life in their little house on the prairie.

4) On the Banks of Plum Creek (1937)

On the Banks of Plum Creek (1937)

Published in 1937, On the Banks of Plum Creek is the fourth novel in the Little House series. Illustrated by Helen Sewell, and in recent editions by Garth Williams, the book is also the third best-selling novel in the Little House series.

Laura’s family journeys from Kansas to Minnesota and decides to settle on the banks of Plum Creek. Pa sells two horses to the owner in exchange for some land and crops.

Laura and Mary start going to school. But sometime after the family settles into their new house, a grasshopper plague hits Minnesota, and all their crops are destroyed.

The family goes through a tough time during dangerous events like blizzards and prairie fires. Laura and her family need to work harder to overcome these challenges.

5) By the Shores of Silver Lake (1939)

By the Shores of Silver Lake (1939)

The sixth best-selling book in the Little House series, By the Shores of Silver Lake, is the fifth novel and is a sequel to On the Banks of Plum Creek. The book was published in 1939. The story is set in the late nineteenth century.

The family moves from the banks of Plum Creek to the wilderness of South Dakota. Laura, her sisters, and Ma ride the train to come stay with Pa on the shores of Silver Lake.

Laura’s older sister, Mary, is suffering from a teenage illness that will later turn into blindness. To add to the excitement, the newest member of the family, Grace, is introduced.

6) The Long Winter (1940)

The Long Winter (1940)

Published on June 15, 1940, The Long Winter is the sixth book in the Little House on the Prairie series. It is also the fifth best-selling novel in the series.

Pa predicts that this year’s winter is going to be the hardest. His theory is proved correct when an unexpected blizzard hits the town in October and lasts for three days.

Two other sources also confirm the coming of a tough winter. Pa plans to move the family to a nearby De Smet, but before he can do so, another severe blizzard hits.

Railway tracks get blocked, and no supplies arrive for days. The family needs to survive on what little resources they have.

7) Little Town on the Prairie (1941)

Little Town on the Prairie (1941)

Published in 1941, Little Town on the Prairie is the seventh book in the series and also the seventh best-selling novel from the Little House series. The story is set in the late nineteenth century.

It is finally the end of winter. Laura is now 15 years old. With the onset of spring, fun activities like socials, ‘literaries’, and dances arrive.

Laura gets busy sewing shirts to send Mary to a college for the blind. But no matter how busy she gets, she makes sure to find some time to meet Almanzo Wilder.

8) These Happy Golden Years (1943)

These Happy Golden Years (1943)

Published in 1943, These Happy Golden Years is the eighth book in the Little House on the Prairie series.

Laura is now a teacher, and she needs to stay 12 miles away from her home. She is working hard to pay Mary’s college fees. Although homesick, she adjusts to the new environment around her and finds comfort in activities like sleigh rides, singing, and helping Almanzo drive his buggy.

The friendship between Laura and Almanzo soon turns into romantic love.

9) The First Four Years (1971)

The First Four Years (1971)

Published on February 1, 1971, The First Four Years is the ninth book in the Little House on the Prairie series. The book has been illustrated by Garth Williams.

Laura and Almanzo are married now. They start a new life together in their little house in South Dakota. Laura has changed from a pioneer girl to a pioneer wife, but her adventures continue.

Almanzo farms the land surrounding their prairie, and Laura needs to work hard too. The couple soon starts a young family, and their newest member, a baby girl named Rose, is born.

The family needs to face numerous hardships and overcome challenges, just like other American prairies.

Other Books in the Series

Other books in the series contain Laura Ingalls Wilder’s journal, her letters to Almanzo Wilder that she wrote when she traveled west to meet her daughter in San Francisco, and a collection of her previous writings.

1) On the Way Home (1962)

Published posthumously on November 12, 1962, by Harper & Bros.,  On the Way Home is a journal where Laura provides a detailed account of her family’s trip from South Dakota to Missouri. The book is sometimes considered a part of the Little House series. The story is set in 1894.

Laura and her family travel from De Smet, South Dakota, to Mansfield, Missouri. The family believes that the soil there is rich in nutrients; the place is even called the Land of the Big Red Apple.

The Wilders settle in the Ozarks of Missouri. Laura dreams that their new house will be Rose’s childhood home, a place where Laura would write her Little House books and she and Almanzo would grow old together.

2) West from Home (1974)

Published on March 1, 1974, West from Home is a collection of letters sent by Laura Ingalls to her husband, Almanzo Wilder, in 1915. This book is sometimes considered a part of the Little House series.

Laura journeys west from Missouri to San Francisco to visit her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. The visit coincides with another event, the Panama Pacific International Exposition, taking place in the city.

Laura witnesses many exciting things throughout her journey. Her husband, Almanzo, could not come along because he had to look after the farm. But Laura makes sure to keep him updated about the events via letters.

3) A Little House Traveler (2006)

Published in 2006, A Little House Traveler is a collection of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s previous writings. It contains three parts: On the Way Home, West from Home, and The Road Back.

The Road Back is a diary that was not previously published. The paperback edition of the book contains 344 pages.

Laura has been traveling all her life. In these 60 years, she has journeyed alone, with her husband, and with her daughter. She has traveled in trains, cars, and wagons.

Laura has witnessed the changing seasons, people, and time. But one thing has been a constant companion throughout her life. She never forgot to take a pencil and paper with her to record her experiences.

Book Collections

The Little House on the Prairie series novels are available for purchase in various collection sets.

1) Laura’s Early Years Collection

Laura’s Early Years Collection comes in an attractive package that contains three books titled Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, and On the Banks of Plum Creek.

2) The Little House Collection (Books 1-3)

It contains the first three books in the Little House on the Prairie series.

3) The Little House Collection (Books 1-5)

It contains the first five books in the series.

4) The Little House Collection (Books 1-9)

The box set includes the nine books in the Little House on the Prairie series.

The Spin-off Series (Chronological Order)

There are a total of four Little House spin-off book series. They contain biographical novels based on the childhoods of four pioneer girls: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s great-grandmother Martha, her grandmother Charlotte, her mother Caroline, and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane.

A) Little House: The Martha Years

Written by Melissa Wiley and illustrated by Renée Graef, The Martha Years is a spin-off series that focuses on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s great-grandmother, Martha Morse Tucker, a Scottish girl who leaves her home and travels to America to start a new life.

1) Little House in the Highlands (1999)

The year is 1788, and Martha is a six-year-old little girl living with her family in Glencraid, Scotland. She is too lively for the place and has a difficult time fitting in. Martha is too carefree to act like a lady. She likes to run barefoot on the fields covered with beautiful flowers and listen to fairy tales. She needs to learn to sew as well, but amid everything, Martha always finds some time to play on the Scottish hills.

2) The Far Side of the Loch (2000)

Martha is now seven. She has been lonely since the guests left. Holidays are over, her cousins are gone, her father is traveling, her brothers are attending school, and her older sister, Grisie, is too busy embroidering to pay her any attention. Martha enjoys some time playing with her pet hedgehog and her father returns with some exciting news!

3) Down to the Bonny Glen (2001)

Martha is upset. Her mom thinks she’s too old to be playing in the moors, and she has also arranged for a governess to discipline little Martha.

The first governess was Miss Norrie. She was tasked with disciplining Martha and teaching her how to sew. But Martha’s lively nature was too much for Miss Norrie, so she left the job.

This time the new governess is Miss Crow, and Martha has a feeling that she will be worse.

4) Beyond the Heather Hills (2003)

Martha is now ten years old, and she is traveling for the first time! She pays a visit to her newly married older sister, Grisie, who now lives in the crowded city of Perth. Martha has seen nothing but the Heather Hills for ten years. She is captivated by the beauty of this new city.

B) Little House: The Charlotte Years

Written by Mellisa Wiley, The Charlotte Years is a spin-off series that focuses on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s grandmother, Charlotte Tucker Quiner.

1) Little House by Boston Bay (1999)

The year is 1814. Charlotte is a little girl living with her family on the outskirts of Boston. She is always busy, either watching her mama’s garden or visiting her papa’s blacksmith shop. Charlotte is enjoying a life full of little adventures.

2) On Tide Mill Lane (2001)

Winter is approaching, and little Charlotte has so much to do! From corn husking to dipping candles to helping her Mama look after baby Mary, she tries to do all her chores sincerely.

But the War of 1812 is still ongoing, and little Charlotte is worried about Will, Papa’s striker, who is heading north with the militia.

One day she hears some bells ringing at a distance. The same night, Boston’s commoners lit up candles in their homes. Did the war finally end?

3) The Road from Roxbury (2002)

Charlotte is a sensitive girl. Her world turns upside down when a new teacher at school starts to treat her unfairly. She feels left out when the family goes on a trip to Boston without her. But Charlotte still tries to find joy in simple things.

She gets excited when the family plans a trip to the fair. In this book, there’s a new baby boy in the house, and Charlotte adores her younger brother so much!

4) Across the Puddingstone Dam (2004)

Charlotte is now eleven years old, and a lot of changes have taken place around her. A dam has been built near her home in Roxbury, and there’s a new school for young ladies that Charlotte is excited to attend. Her mama’s older brother comes for a visit. 

C) Little House: The Caroline Years

Written by Maria D. Wilkes (books 1-4) and Celia Wilkins (books 5-7), The Caroline Years is a spin-off series that focuses on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mother, Caroline Quiner Ingalls.

1) Little House in Brookfield (1996)

The year is 1845. Caroline Quiner, who later grows up to be Ma Ingalls, is living with her family in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It’s been a year since her father was lost at the sea, and her family is still trying to cope with the changes. Every member must help with the farm chores.

2) Little Town at the Crossroads (1997)

The small town of Brookfield is growing day by day. More people have come to live here. Caroline has many exciting things to do. She participates in an Independence Day parade for the first time.

Morever, there’s a circus in town! Caroline also gets to see new faces at school almost every week.

But her mother is planning to move to a larger farm. Will Caroline have to bid farewell to the growing town of Brookfield?

3) Little Clearing in the Woods (1998)

Caroline and her family leave their little house in Brookfield and travel through the dense forest to reach a clearing in Concord, Wisconsin, where their new house will be built.

Caroline is excited to travel through the woods, but she is also a bit afraid. She is not sure if she will like her new home as much as her little house at Brookfield.

4) On Top of Concord Hill (2000)

Caroline is now nine years old, and she has finally settled in at her new house in Concord. She begins to explore the places around her and is eager to join her new school. But a cholera epidemic hits the state, and it is now up to little Caroline to keep her family together. How long will this tough time last?

5) Across the Rolling River (2001)

Two years after the events of On Top of Concord Hill, the little town of Concord is getting crowded with settlers from the East. Caroline is eleven years old, and she has a lot of work to do.

She needs to attend her classes, do her chores, and harvest crops. A state fair is held in Wisconsin for the first time, where she befriends a fiddle-playing boy, Charles Ingalls.

6) Little City by the Lake (2003)

Caroline is going away from home for the first time. She comes to stay with her aunt in the big city of Milwaukee. She is looking forward to attending Milwaukee Female College.

Caroline is a bit nervous about living in a crowded city. She finds her school somewhat challenging, but as time passes, Caroline begins to like the new environment around her.

By the time her school year is over, Caroline begins to wonder if city life suits her better.

7) A Little House of Their Own (2005)

Caroline Quiner is now a teacher at Concord School. She unexpectedly runs into her old fiddle-playing friend, Charles Ingalls, who is her neighbor. Charles is full of ideas for heading west.

Soon, the friendship between Caroline and Charles will turn into a romance. But Caroline needs to make a difficult choice, as starting a new life with Charles might mean leaving her family behind.

D) Little House: The Rose Years

Written by David Gilleece and Roger Lea MacBride, The Rose Years is a spin-off series that focuses on the life of Rose Wilder Lane, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter, and the last of the pioneer girls.

1) Little House on Rocky Ridge (1993)

Rose Wilder, the daughter of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder, is the last of the Little House girls. The family says goodbye to Ma Ingalls, Pa Ingalls, and little Rose’s aunts.

They are traveling in a covered wagon with all their belongings. The family journeys across the barren lands of the Midwest to the lush green valleys of Missouri.

Traveling for such a long distance is difficult and tiresome. But the Wilders carry a dream to build a new house and start a new life at the end of their journey.

2) Little Farm in the Ozarks (1994)

Little Rose and her parents move to the Missouri Ozarks. They finally settle at the Rocky Ridge Farm. Rose gets to experience a lot of new things, like going fishing and going to a new school.

She also helps save the farmhouse from a fire. Rose is a little nervous as she is the new girl in the class, but after some time, she adjusts to the changes around her and grows confident. Little Rose accepts Rocky Ridge as her new home.

3) In the Land of the Big Red Apple (1995)

Rose is almost nine, and she is getting accustomed to her new life in Missouri, the Land of the Big Red Apple. Her father, Almanzo, is busy building their farmhouse, and Rose is looking forward to having their own bright crop to harvest soon.

As winter arrives, Rose gets excited to celebrate her first Christmas in the Ozarks. But a massive ice storm hits Missouri, and the Wilders need to stay prepared.

4) On the Other Side of the Hill (1995)

The Wilder family is struggling in their new home at Rocky Ridge. They are facing a lot of challenges. The climate hasn’t been favorable for farming.

The family had to survive a cyclone, a forest fire, and a drought. Rose helps her parents whenever she can. A few good things happened too. Rose got to attend her first party in town!

5) Little Town in the Ozarks (1996)

The times had been difficult for the Wilder family at Rocky Ridge. They had to leave their old house, and now the Wilders have settled in the town of Mansfield.

Rose needs some time to adapt to these changes. She still misses her old home at Rocky Ridge Farm. The hustle and bustle of Mansfield makes little Rose wonder if she will ever start to like town life.

6) New Dawn on Rocky Ridge (1997)

The times are better now. Rose is 13, and she has a feeling that this will be a big year for her. The Wilder family worked hard for so long, and now they can finally witness their own apple farm at Rocky Ridge, ready for harvest. Rose develops feelings for a boy named Paul.

7) On the Banks of the Bayou (1998)

Rose is now 16 years old. She leaves Rocky Ridge and comes to live with her aunt, Elize Jane, in Louisiana. Many new adventures await Rose in the city, and she is super excited! Rose learns to become an independent young woman when she develops her own ideas, dreams, and ambitions.

8) Bachelor Girl (1999)

Rose Wilder is now an independent woman. She moves to Kansas City to learn how to become a telegrapher, then she leaves for San Francisco.

Rose is planning to work for a year or two and save a little money so that she can marry her childhood sweetheart, Paul Cooley. But the big city of San Francisco is full of surprises.

Rose realizes that a different path is waiting for her, and she decides to walk through it.

Little House Chapter Books (Chronological Order)

There are three series of chapter books that narrate the stories of little pioneer girls from three generations: Laura’s mother, Caroline Quiner, Laura Ingalls, and Laura’s daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.

The chapter books contain easy-to-understand words and beautiful black-and-white illustrations by Doris Ettlinger, making them a perfect choice to promote reading habits among young independent readers.

A) Caroline Series

The first chapter book series narrates the stories of Laura Ingalls’ mother, Caroline Quiner, from her childhood days. Written by Maria D. Wilkes, the Caroline series contains five chapter books adapted from The Caroline Years novels.

1) Brookfield Days (1999)

Caroline lives with her family in a little frame house in Brookfield, Wisconsin. She is a busy girl. Every day brings new adventures for little Caroline as she helps her mother, grandmother, and her 5 brothers and sisters run the farm.

2) Caroline & Her Sister (2000)

Caroline and Martha may be sisters, but they are nothing alike. Caroline is quiet, whereas Martha speaks whatever comes to her mind. But when two rich girls start to bully Martha, Caroline stands up for her sister.

3) Frontier Family (2000)

Caroline and her family need to work so hard on their frontier farm! But no matter how busy Caroline gets, she always finds time to go on her little adventures and spend fun time with her siblings.

4) Brookfield Friends (2000)

Caroline enjoys a lot of fun time with her friends. She gets to visit the town with the cheerful Mr. Carpenter. She also gets to celebrate at a Maple Frolic with all her neighbors.

5) A New Little Cabin (2001)

Caroline’s parents decide to move to a small log cabin in Concord, Wisconsin. But Caroline isn’t sure if she will like her new house as much as she liked the old one in Brookfield.

B) Laura Series

The second chapter book series narrates the stories from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s childhood. There are 14 chapter books in the Laura series adapted from the Little House on the Prairie novels.

1) The Adventures of Laura and Jack (1997)

The story narrates the adventures of Laura and her adorable dog, Jack as the Ingalls family travels from Wisconsin to Kansas, and later to Minnesota.

2) Pioneer Sisters (1997)

The book focuses on the Ingalls sisters, Laura, Mary, and Carrie. The pioneer sisters play fun games, wander in the woods across the Midwest, and enjoy their time during their travels.

3) Animal Adventures (1997)

Laura and her family have spent a lot of time traveling the unsettled lands of the West. Uninhabited places shelter a variety of wild animals. The Ingalls family is often surrounded by animals like deer, badgers, panthers, and bears. It’s no wonder why Laura’s childhood had been full of animal adventures.

4) School Days (1997)

After the Ingalls family settles in Minnesota, Laura and her sisters start attending school. Laura always knew learning could be fun. But she becomes happier when she meets so many new friends. She discovers that there are plenty of fun things to do during recess!

5) Laura and Nellie (1998)

Laura and her sisters are usually laughed at by her friends for belonging to a pioneer family. Laura’s classmate Nellie exclaims, “Country girls!” whenever she sees them. But Laura isn’t sure why people tease her for being a country girl, after all, it is something to be proud of.

6) Farmer Boy Days (1998)

The book focuses on Laura Ingalls’ future husband, Almanzo Wilder. Almanzo likes to help his father take care of the farm animals. He also starts training two new calves. Almanzo might have contradictory thoughts about school, but he is certain about one thing, he loves farming!

7) Little House Farm Days (1998)

Being a pioneer girl is not easy. Little Laura needs to do so much work. She helps Pa smoke meat. She plants seeds and even helps Ma prepare cheese. Laura is a huge help to her family and Pa doesn’t know how he would have managed everything without her.

8) Hard Times on the Prairie (1998)

Laura needs to live a difficult country life with her family in South Dakota. Just when Pa predicts the coming of a long winter, a blizzard hits. There are also these prairie fires that need to be dealt with. To make things worse, a grasshopper plague destroys all the crops. With a blocked railway track and few resources to rely on, the Ingalls family must make it through the winter.

9) Little House Friends (1998)

Throughout the Ingalls family’s travels, Laura has made many friends. After completing all her work, she would often go out on wonderful little adventures with her friends, like racing ponies with Lena and sliding down snow drifts with her gang. Laura enjoys her fun time with friends, and even the mean girl Nellie Oleson cannot ruin it.

10) Christmas in the Big Woods (1995)

Laura is living with her family in a log cabin in Wisconsin. Christmas is arriving soon, and everyone is so excited! Laura’s uncle, aunt, and cousins are paying a visit too. All of them enjoy their time together reading, eating sweets, and playing in the snow.

11) Laura’s Ma (1999)

Little Laura is surprised by the things her ma can do. She can make hats from straw, and butter from milk. Her mother can also turn their little house into a warm and cozy place.

12) Laura’s Pa (1999)

Laura helps her family whenever she can. She helps her Pa build a cabin door. Everything that her Pa does requires so much hard work, but he is never too tired to play the fiddle for his little girls.

13) Laura & Mr. Edwards (1999)

Mr. Edwards is Laura’s new neighbor. He is from Tennessee, and he has traveled to live on the prairie. Mr. Edwards is always ready to help and likes to dance to the sound of Pa’s fiddle.

14) Little House Parties (1999)

Laura has attended many parties, like the maple syrup party that her grandpa threw when they were in Wisconsin, the parties she had with her school friends in Plum Creek, and the co-ed party in De Smet, South Dakota. Laura loves to attend parties and be a part of gatherings.

C) Rose Series

The third and final chapter book series narrates the childhood stories of Laura Ingalls’ daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. Written by Roger Lea MacBride, the Rose series contains five chapter books adapted from The Rose Years novels.

1) Missouri Bound (1999)

The year is 1894. Rose’s mama and papa are busy packing up their covered wagon. The family will journey to Missouri and start a new life there. But Rose is sad. She knows she will miss Grandma and Grandpa. But she is also excited to see what new things await her in Missouri!

2) Rose at Rocky Ridge (2000)

Rose and her family arrive in Missouri and decide to settle on the Rocky Ridge Farm. But they need to work hard to turn the place into their home. Papa needs to build a farmhouse too.

3) Rose & Alva (2000)

Alva is Rose’s new neighbor at the Missouri farm. The two girls quickly bond with each other and explore the hills, walk inside a cave, and pick pokeweed together. Rose and Alva have a great time going on their little adventures in the Ozark Mountains.

4) The Adventures of Rose & Swiney (2000)

One day, Rose’s papa catches Swiney Baird when she tries to steal their eggs. Rose feels like she will never be friends with Swiney again. But as time passes, the two girls get closer and spend more time with each other.

5) Missouri School Days (2001)

Rose is a bit nervous about school. She is a new girl in her class and doesn’t know what her classmates think about her. But as time passes, Rose grows more confident. She makes many friends at school and also wins class spelldowns. Maybe attending school isn’t so bad after all.

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