James Patterson’s Children’s Book Series

Biography of the Authors

James Patterson

James Patterson is an American author best known for writing the Alex Cross series, the Women’s Murder Club series, Amy Cornwall series, the Middle School series, the Maximum Ride series, and standalone works such as Daniel X, and NYPD Red.

Patterson was born and raised in New York. He belonged to a working-class Irish American family. Before becoming a popular writer, Patterson worked in advertising. His first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, was published in 1976.

Chris Grabenstein

Chris Grabenstein is an American author that has frequently collaborated with James Patterson for both adults and children. He has worked on several book series- The Haunted Mysteries, I Funny series, Treasure Hunters, Jackie Ha-Ha series, House of Robots, and the Wonderland series.

Middle School Series in Order

The Middle School series is a series of children’s books written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts.

 Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (2011)

1) Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (2011)

The Worst Years of My Life tells the story of Rafe Khatchadorian as he starts his first year of middle school. To have fun at school, Rafe and his best friend Leonardo plan to break every rule in the school’s code of conduct. However, when Rafe’s game starts to catch up on him, he has to decide whether winning matters or if he should face the rules and truths.

2) Middle School: Get Me Out of Here! (2012)

Get Me Out of Here is the second novel in the Middle School series. Rafe has finally made it into the seventh grade and has been accepted to art school in the big city, where he expects things to be fun.

However, art school is more competitive than Rafe ever expected it to be. To find inspiration for his artwork, he decides to challenge himself by doing things he has never done before, like going to the museum and playing poker.

3) My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar (2013)

My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar follows Georgia Khatchadorian, Rafe’s sister, who is starting Hills Village Middle School.

She makes a bet with Rafe to quickly become one of the most popular girls in school, but no one will give her a chance.

At the same time, Rafe has sneakily set her up to embarrass herself in front of the popular girls in school and the boy who has caught her attention.

4) How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill (2013)

How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill tells the story of Rafe, who is heading to summer camp and has to face bullies along with his friends.

He expects summer camp to be fun until he finds out that the camp is a summer school camp.

5) Ultimate Showdown (2014)

George and Rafe Khatchadorian are two opinionated kids that don’t necessarily see eye to eye with one another.

In this book, we get a chance to see Rafe and Georgia rant back and forth on a range of topics- from bullying to cafeteria food to school dress codes.

5(a) How I Got Lost in London

Rafe goes on a school trip to London where the students are expected to study Living History.

During the trip, all he needs to do is avoid his school bully, try to find the strength to get his crush to talk to him, and not get lost in London.

6) Save Rafe! (2014)

After a rough summer, Rafe is going back to Hills Village Middle School, the site of the worst years of his life.

Rafe learns that he is going to be held back a year unless he can prove himself on an outdoor survival excursion.

Rafe and the pack of ‘delinquent’ trainees must cooperate with each other as they prepare for the final test- a solo excursion in the deep woods.

7) Just My Rotten Luck (2015)

In this book, Rafe heads back to the place of his misadventures- the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, where he is forced to take special classes.

He also joins the school’s football team alongside his biggest bully, Miller the Killer. However, Rafe has several plans to make things better, like starting a super-secret art project that will amaze the school.

7(a) Rafe’s Aussie Adventure

In this novella, Rafe has won an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia. However, Australia isn’t exactly the island paradise full of surfer chicks and cuddly koala bears like Rafe had imagined.

In this book, a group of social misfits shows Rafe a never-before-seen side of Australia and encourages him to be the great artist he was born to be.

7(b) Going Bush

Rafe’s recent trip Down Under was not a success. He and his mom were forced to leave the country when they were forced to flee a pack of bloodthirsty zombies.

However, when Rafe receives an offer to attend an all-expense paid trip in the Northern Territory, Australia, he quickly jumps to the occasion. In Australia, he is thrown into a full-throttle outback adventure.

8) Dog’s Best Friend (2016)

Dog’s Best Friend is the eighth episode in James Patterson’s Middle School Series.

When Rafe is finally feeling ok in middle school, he spots his grandmother in the free-meal line at the local soup kitchen.

In order to help her grandmother make some money, Rafe concocts a plan- a dog-walking business that soon turns into a huge money-making empire.

8(a) Middle School: Hollywood 101

Hollywood 101 is a novella in the Middle School series. The book starts off with an introduction of a mysterious and cool girl that wants to be Rafe’s best friend. Then suddenly, Rafe enters the movie business.

9) Escape to Australia (2017)

In this thrilling installment, Rafe Khatchadorian goes back into the dangerous wilderness of Australia as a prize for winning a school-wide art competition.

However, for Rafe, living in Australia will be far from fabulous- his hosts aren’t welcoming, it is really hot, and there are poisonous critters ready to sting him at every opportunity.

In order to get some new friends out of trouble, Rafe does what he knows best- create mayhem.

10) From Hero to Zero (2018)

Rafe Khatchadorian is on a trip to London where he must deal with his bully, his attraction towards a fellow classmate, and other embarrassments.

Rafe is really excited to immerse himself in the city of London and explore it with his friends.

11) Born to Rock (2019)

Rafe and his sister Georgia are back with another hilarious adventure. Georgia has a lot on her plate; she has a crush on a fellow classmate, a Rube Goldberg machine challenge to dominate, and Missy and her evil Princess Patrol.

To counter all of this negative energy, she decides to audition for her favourite all-girl rock band called ‘We Stink!’

12) Middle School: Master of Disaster (2020)

Rafe and Jimmy are two misunderstood troublemakers who get themselves caught up in a hilarious adventure.

The book is a collaboration between James Patterson and Chris Tebbettts and includes many other characters from James Patterson’s books for kids.

13) Middle School: Field Trip Fiasco (2021)

Rafe is invited to attend an all-expenses-paid art field trip to California. While Rafe expects his trip to be a Hollywood vacation, instead he is made to participate in a cultural campout in the desert.

Rafe finds himself in a series of unfortunate encounters, including being trapped with a cranky crocodile. He also finds himself in the middle of a plot to smuggle a legendary missing diamond.

14) Middle School: It’s a Zoo in Here! (2022)

It’s the summer and Rafe has a summer job at the zoo where he finds a real lion that desperately needs his help.

15) Middle School: Winter Blunderland (2022)

Rafe is invited to join a research study on polar bears by Dr. Daria Deerwin. There he gets to spend every waking moment with Penelope, who he has a crush on, and a polar bear Dr. Deerwin is tracking goes missing.

Ali Cross Trilogy in Order

The Ali Cross trilogy is a trilogy of children’s books and spin-off of James Patterson’s Alex Cross series.

Ali Cross Trilogy in Order

Ali Cross (2019)

Ali Cross, Alex Cross’ son is eager to follow in his father’s footsteps as a detective. When his best friend goes missing, Ali jumps into action and tries to solve the mystery using intelligence, persistence, and logic.

Ali Cross: Like Father Like Son (2021)

When his friend gets hurt, Ali Cross jumps into action to find the perpetrator.

Ali Cross: The Secret Detective (2022)

Eager to solve cases, Ali Cross hacks into police phone calls to secretly check out crime scenes and crack the cases.

I Funny Series in Order

I Funny is a series of children’s books by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.

I Funny Series in Order

1) I Funny (2012)

I Funny is James Patterson’s #1 New York Times bestseller. It follows middle schooler Jamie Grimm who must face constant criticism, bullying, and self-doubt as he chases his dream to become the greatest comedian.

Jamie Grimm is new in town and is stuck living with his aunt, uncle, and their son, who bullies him. When his uncle convinces Jamie to enter a contest called ‘The Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic,’ he questions whether the judges are praising his comedy or are rewarding him out of pity because he is wheelchair-bound.

2) I Even Funnier: A Middle School Story (2013)

Jamie is off to Boston to compete in the national semi-finals after he wins the New York state finals in the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest.

Jamie must put his comedic ambitions on hold when there is a family health scare and when one of his best friends runs into trouble at school.

3) I Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story (2015)

In this third episode, Jamie Grimm is a step closer to becoming the best kid comic. However, he must now face his biggest challenge yet; writing new material for the ultimate stand-up set to help him win the final round in Hollywood.

At the same time, at school, all of the positive and negative attention he is receiving starts to go in his head and friendships start to suffer.

4) I Funny TV: A Middle School Story (2015)

Jamie Grimm has accomplished his dream of proving himself as the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic.

Now, a number of TV executives are interested in Jamie and have huge plans for him; a new show about Jamie and his friends.

What will happen to the show when Jamie struggles to learn his lines and have a tough time with acting?

5) I Funny School of Laughs: A Middle School Story (2017)

In this instalment, in order to save his school library, Jamie teaches other kids how to tell jokes in a comedy class. But who knew teaching kids to be funny is such a hard job?

6) The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever (2018)

Jamie Grimm is on top of the world; he has his own smash-hit TV show and has won the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic. Now, he is taking his fame and fortune to international levels as he competes in an upcoming world kid comic contest.

Treasure Hunters Series in Order

Treasure Hunters is a series of children’s books by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.

Treasure Hunters Series in Order

1) Treasure Hunters (2013)

Treasure Hunters is a children’s adventure novel by James Patterson with Chris Grabenstein and Mark Shulman.

It is the first book in the Treasure Hunter series and chronicles the life of the Kidd siblings, who find themselves in a treasure hunt after their parents disappear.

As the story progresses, the siblings work together to defeat pirates and other treasure hunters whilst simultaneously uncovering the mystery of their parents’ disappearance and if they are still alive.

2) Danger Down the Nile (2014)

Published in 2014, Danger Down the Nile is a children’s adventure novel written by James Patterson with Chris Grabenstein.

In this sequel, the Kidd siblings are on a quest to find the legendary mines of King Solomon and their parents.

The siblings must navigate their way down the Nile and past some seriously bad guys along the way.

3) Secret of the Forbidden City (2015)

In The Secret of the Forbidden City, the treasure-hunting Kidd siblings are going to China where they must secure an ancient Chinese artifact that will buy their mother’s freedom and afterwards into the dark underbelly of Berlin.

4) Peril at the Top of the World (2016)

Published in 2016, Peril at the Top of the World is the fourth instalment in James Patterson’s Treasure Hunters series.

When one of the biggest heists is taking place in Moscow, the Kidds rush in to save the day. However, they are instead accused of being the thieves themselves.

They must find the stolen treasure as they are extremely close to being thrown into a Russian prison.

5) Quest for the City of Gold (2017)

In Quest for the City of Gold, the thrill-seeking Kidd siblings as they search for a missing Incan city in South America made entirely of Gold.

During their search, they come across a hidden trove of private treasure that includes a map for an even bigger treasure.

With the help of the map, they try to save the Amazon rainforest and stop a Peruvian tribe from losing their home.

6) All-American Adventure (2019)

In this instalment, the U.S.A. is in danger and it is up to the Kidd siblings to find the treasure to save it. The Kidd siblings must find the original Bill of Rights and even expose a conspiracy that has been brewing under their noses.

7) The Plunder Down Under (2020)

The Kidd siblings have finally found their parents but they are in trouble once again.

Therefore, the Kidd siblings must travel to the Australian Outback to recover a pair of stolen gems and defeat treasure-hunting pirates to save them.

There they are challenged by a fellow treasure hunter, Charlotte Badger, and her pirate cronies.

8) The Ultimate Quest (2022)

Published in 2022, in The Ultimate Quest, the Kidd family is on an exciting new mission, which is using the augmented reality gear their parents created to uncover the long-lost treasure.

9) The Greatest Treasure Hunt (2023)

Published in May 2023, The Greatest Treasure Hunt is the finale of James Patterson’s Treasure Hunters.

The Kidd siblings have solved several mysteries, restored their family name, and uncovered the biggest treasures, however, they have never done this for fame and glory.

When the Collier kids start treasure hunting for the camera, the Kidd siblings are invited to compete with the Collier for the title of “The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunting Kids.”

House of Robots Series in Order

House of Robots is an illustrated children’s book series by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.

House of Robots Series in Order

1) House of Robots (2014)

House of Robots is a highly-illustrated series by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.

The first book follows Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez, whose genius mom insists that he brings her newest invention, a robot called E, on the first day of school.

This robot happens to be nerdier than Sammy. As the book progresses, the reader is on a roller-coaster ride as Sammy discovers an amazing secret that E holds and could change the family forever.

2) Robots Go Wild! (2015)

In the second instalment, Robots Go Wild! Sammy and his robot, E are making new friends every day as E works as Sammy’s bedridden sister’s school proxy.

E loses his ability to help Maddie when he malfunctions as he is upstaged by a super-cool new robot on the block.

3) Robot Revolution! (2017)

In Robot Revolution, while Sammy’s inventor mom is working on a secret project, Sammy and his sister, Maddie try to contain their pranks and chaos of droids on strike.

We all see Sammy become warmer towards E and E becoming a valued member of the family which leads to a conflict between E and the unappreciated electronic occupants in their house.

4) House of Robots 4 (2022)

No information is available regarding this book.

Jacky Ha-Ha Series in Order

Jacky Ha-Ha is a series of children’s books written by James Patterson in collaboration with Chris Grabenstein.

Jacky Ha-Ha Series in Order

1) Jacky Ha-Ha (2016)

Published in 2016, Jacky Ha-Ha is the first instalment in the Jacky Ha-Ha series. The book follows Jacky Ha-Ha, a class clown who loves to make people laugh.

Making other people is a coping mechanism for Jacky whose mother is serving in a dangerous war and whose father is hardly ever home.

One night, she makes a promise to the stars to keep her family together even if it means giving up the one thing that makes her happy.

2) Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke (2017)

Published in 2017, My Life is a Joke is the second instalment in the Jacky Ha-Ha series. Jacky has a lot of talent up her sleeves and she wants nothing more than to act, sing, and dance all summer long.

However, her parents have other plans for her and sign her up for a summer job in the resort town of Seaside Heights.

Now, she has several responsibilities, like taking care of her younger sisters and doing her job. She also longs to perform in the retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

3) Jacky Ha-Ha Gets the Last Laugh (2023)

In this newly published instalment in the Jacky Ha-Ha series, Jacky Ha-Ha is off to theatre came where she tries to put her comedy and theatrical skills to action.

As soon as she arrives at Camp Footlights, she realizes that she is way out of her depth as her fellow campers are highly trained and know exactly how to command the spotlight.

Dog Diaries Series in Order

Dog Diaries is a spin-off series about Rafe Khatchadorian’s Dog Junior.

Dog Diaries Series in Order

1) Dog Diaries (2018)

Dog Diaries is the first instalment in the Dog Diaries series written by James Patterson and Steven Butler and illustrated by Richard Watson.

Rafe has to train his mischievous mutt at obedience school in order to win the trophy for Best Trained Dog or he’ll be sent back to the pound.

Told from the perspective of a dog, the book is filled with crazy adventures and a lot of humour.

2) Happy Howlidays! (2018)

In the second instalment in the Dog Diaries series, Junior, Rafe’s dog will go on an amazing journey through the holiday season. The dog shares his thoughts on festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

3) Mission Impawsible (2019)

Junior and Rafe Khatchadorian are off to Hollywood. And Junior’s best mates are coming along with me.

However, Junior’s dream of being talent-spotted while walking down streets doesn’t come true as their vacation takes a very unexpected turn.

4) Curse of the Mystery Mutt (2019)

In the fourth instalment of James Patterson’s Dog Diaries, Curse of the Mystery Mutt follows Junior as he tries to solve the mystery of a mischief-maker lost in his neighbourhood.

5) Camping Chaos! (2020)

Junior’s human family is going on a vacation and they are finally taking him along with them.

Junior is excited to do all of the things that dogs can do while camping, like go paddling in the lake and barking at raccoons.

However, his plans are ruined when his family also invites Iona Stricker to the vacation, the most miserable and obedience-loving human.

6) Dinosaur Disaster (2022)

While on an adventure with his mutt mates in the dog park, Junior spots something monstrous between the trees, something he suspects to be dinosaur bones, which are extremely delectable. Now, he is on a mission to uncover as many bones as he can.

7) Big Top Bonanza! (2023)

Big Top Bonanza! is the seventh instalment in James Patterson’s Dog Diaries series. In this book, the circus has come to town and Junior has never seen the circus. He is super excited to visit the circus.

Max Einstein Series in Order

Max Einstein Series in Order

Max Einstein is a series of ongoing children’s books by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. The books follow Max Einstein a highly intelligent young girl who goes on a mission to solve the world’s problems.

1) Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment (2018)

In the first instalment of the Max Einstein series by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, we are introduced to Max Einstein, a twelve-year-old girl who is recruited by a mysterious organization.

Her mission is to solve some of the world’s toughest problems using science. She is helped by a diverse group of young geniuses to achieve the mission as they travel around the globe.

2) Max Einstein: Rebels With A Cause (2019)

Rebels With a Cause is the sequel to the Genius Experiment. Max Einstein is teaching classes at New York College where she has to dodge kidnapping attempts with her best friends.

She now has a new mission and that is solving the water crisis. However, she and her group of kid geniuses must dodge kidnappers at every point as they are trying to stop their mission.

3) Max Einstein: Saves the Future (2020)

Published in 2020, Saves the Future is the third instalment in the Max Einstein series.

Max is still in constant danger of being kidnapped by the shadowy Corporation and is therefore on the run.

However, she soon receives a new mission and that is to ensure no kid ever goes hungry again. How will Max and her team of kid geniuses solve this massive issue?

4) Max Einstein: World Champions! (2021)

In this instalment, Max meets her hero Albert Einstein and is given a new mission, which is to figure out a way to prevent climate change from destroying the earth. She must also tackle the evil forces that are stopping her from working on this problem.

Katt vs. Dog Series in Order

Katt vs. Dog Series in Order

Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, Katt Dogg series focuses on the friendship of lifelong enemies.

1) Katt Vs. Dogg (2019)

Published in 2019, Katt Vs Dogg by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. The series delves into the society’s oldest rivalry in the world.

The book follows Oscar, a happy dog, and Molly, a clever cat that is destined for fame and fortune as an actress. Their entire lives their families have told them that cats and dogs hate each other.

However, when they get lost in the woods, they realize that the only way to survive and find their way home is to work together.

2) Katt Loves Dogg (2021)

The sequel to Katt Vs. Dogg, Katt Loves Dogg follows lifelong rivals Molly and Oscar as they are forced to team up and brave the great outdoors to help their families.

Stand-alone Books

1) Boys Will Be Boys (2011, short story)

Boys Will Be Boys is a short story by James Patterson. The story focuses on two friends named Fred and Will who notice a body on the train tracks as they take a train ride.

2) Public School Superhero (2015)

Public School Superhero is a stand-alone novel written by James Patterson and Chriss Tebbetts and illustrated by Cory Thomas.

The book follows Kenny Wright, a middle schooler who lives with his grandmother who taught elementary school for six decades.

At school, Kenny has to deal with bullies which coincidentally lands him in Detention where he is assigned to task to teach how to play chess to his school’s biggest bully, Ray-Ray.

As they spend weeks playing chess, the boys start to form an unlikely friendship.

3) Word of Mouse (2016)

Word of Mouse by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein is a story of a very special mouse and the unexpected friendships that he makes along the way.

Isaiah is a very unique rat as he can read, write, and talk to humans. He must learn to use his special skills to survive in the world after he is separated from his family.

He soon forms a friendship with an equally unusual and lonely human girl, Hailey.

4) Laugh Out Loud (2017)

Laugh Out Loud by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein and illustrated by Jeff Ebbeler, is an illustrated middle-grade story.

It follows Jimmy, a twelve-year-old boy that loves to read and is inspired to start his own book company for kids.

Through this book, James Patterson teaches its young readers that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

5) Not So Normal Norbert (2018)

Not So Normal Norbert is a children’s book by James Patterson and Joey Green.

It follows Norbert, who lives in the United States of Earth, where everybody must follow rules, never stand out in a crowd, and be exactly the same as everybody else.

Norbert has always followed these guidelines until one day when he does an impression of their dictator and gets caught. Now, he has been banished to another planet where kids who also break rules roam free.

6) Unbelievable Boring Bart (2018)

Unbelievable Boring Bart by James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski follows Bartholomew Bean, a twelve-year-old video game developer that has developed the most popular video game app in his school.

If he reveals his identity, he’ll become the popular kid in school. Or he could use the game to get back at his bullies.

7) Becoming Muhammad Ali (2020)

Written by James Patterson and Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile, Becoming Mohammad Ali is a biographical novel about boxer and cultural icon, Muhammad Ali.

It focuses on Ali’s childhood, his struggles in school, the racism he faced, and his interest in boxing.

James Patterson’s Picture Books

Little Geniuses Series in Order

1) Big Words for Little Geniuses (2017)

Big Words for Little Geniuses by James Patterson and Susan Patterson is a picture book that includes a sophisticated word starting from each letter in the alphabet along with its definition for little children to love.

2) Cuddly Critters for Little Geniuses (2018)

Cuddly Critters for Little Geniuses by James Patterson and Susan Patterson and illustrated by Hsinping Pan is a collection of the world’s oddest and cutest animals that only little children are interested in. The book includes 50 little-known flyers, swimmers, and crawlers.

Max Einstein Graphic Novel in Order

1) Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

The Genius Experiment is an adaptation of the first instalment in James Patterson’s Max Einstein series.

2) Max Einstein: Rebels with a Cause

Rebels with a Cause is an adaptation of the second instalment in James Patterson’s Max Einstein series.

3) Max Einstein: Saves the Future

Saves the Future is the third instalment in Max Einstein’s graphic novel adaptation.

4) Max Einstein: World Champions

World Champions is the fourth instalment in Max Einstein graphic novel series.

Jacky Ha-Ha Graphic Novel in Order

1) Jacky Ha-Ha (2016)

Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel is adapted from James Patterson’s New York Times bestselling series that introduces the world to Jacky Ha-Ha, a class clown that loves to make people laugh.

2) Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke (2021)

Jacky Ha-Ha is a graphic novel that follows class clown Jacky Hart as she is back and ready for the best summer ever.

Stand-alone Book Series

1) SantaKid (2004)

Written by James Patterson and illustrated by Michael Garland, SantaKid follows the Claus family after a big company buys Christmas and renames it Exmas.

However, Santa’s daughter Chrissie has other plans. With the help of Santa’s little helpers, Chrissie delivers presents to children on Christmas Eve.

2) Give Please a Chance (2016)

Give Please a Chance is an illustrated picture book by James Patterson and political commentator, Bill O’Reilly. The book depicts several scenes and situations in which the word ‘Please’ can move mountains.

3) Pottymouth and Stoopid (2016)

Pottymouth and Stoopid is an illustrated book by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. It follows two middle-school underdogs “Pottymouth” and “Stoopid” who are tired of being bullied.

The book depicts that bullying isn’t necessarily physical and can include other things as well, such as name-calling.

This book is wonderful for parents who wish to have a conversation about bullying with their kids.

4) Give Thank You a Try (2017)

Give Thank You a Try by James Patterson is a follow-up to Give Please a Chance. It pays tribute to the phrase ‘Thank You,’ a phrase that is used to express gratitude. The scenes and situations depicted in the book show the positive impact of politeness on the world.

5) Penguins of America (2017)

Penguins of America is a 2017 illustrated novel written by James and Jack Patterson. It features illustrations that show penguins in day-to-day situations with hilarious and charming captions.

6) The Candies Save Christmas (2017)

The Candies Save Christmas by James Patterson tells the story of the Candies who save Christmas when they rescue a little tree.

7) The Candies Trick or Treat (2018)

The Candies Trick or Treat follows the Candies as they prepare for Halloween.