Fear Street Books in Order: R. L. Stine’s 51 Horror Book Series

The Fear Street is a horror fiction series written by American author R. L. Stone. The series started in 1989 and since then R. L. Stine has penned hundreds of Fear Street books.

The book series is set in the fictional town of Shadyside High and features teenagers who encounter evil spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal elements.

In 2020, Netflix acquired the rights to the Fear Street trilogy by Leigh Janiak and released the films over three weeks. The films starred Gillian Jacobs, Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, and McCabe Slye.

Sl. No.Fear Street Books in Order
1)The New Girl
2)The Surprise Party
3)The Overnight
5)The Wrong Number
6)The Sleepwalker
8)Halloween Party
9)The Stepsister
10)Ski Weekend
11)The Fire Game
12)Lights Out
13)The Secret Bedroom
14)The Knife
15)The Prom Queen
16)First Date
17)The Best Friend
18)The Cheater
20)The New Boy
21)The Dare
22)Bad Dreams
23)Double Date
24)The Thrill Club
25)One Evil Summer
26)The Mind Reader
27)Wrong Number 2
28)Truth or Dare
29)Dead End
30)Final Grade
32)College Weekend
33)The Stepsister 2
34)What Holly Heard
35)The Face
36)Secret Admirer
37)The Perfect Date
38)The Confession
39)The Boy Next Door
40)Night Games
42)Killer’s Kiss
43)All-Night Party
44)The Rich Girl
46)Fear Hall: The Beginning
47)Fear Hall: The Conclusion
48)Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?
49)Into the Dark
50)Best Friend 2
Fear Street Books in Order

R. L. Stine’s Biography

Robert Lawrence Stine of R. L. Stine is an American writer, television producer, editor, and screenwriter who is referred to as the “Stephen King of Children’s Literature.

Stine was raised in Ohio and started to write short stories at the age of nine after he found a typewriter in his attic. After finishing school, Stine wrote humor books for kids and even created a humor magazine called Bananas.

He wrote his first horror novel, Blind Date in 1986. Before launching the Goosebumps series, Stine started writing the Fear Stress books.

Original Fear Street Books in Order

1) The New Girl

The New Girl

The New Girl is the first book in the Original Fear Street series by R. L. Stine. Published in 1989, Cory falls in love with Anna, the mysterious new girl at school. He is losing sleep, skipping practice, and acting weird under Anna’s spell.

However, none of his friends have ever heard of Anna or even seen her. Oly Cory’s friend Lisa knows that Anna is dead and lives on Fear Street. Cory must explore Fear Street to uncover the truth about Anna.

2) The Surprise Party

The Surprise Party

Published in 1989, The Surprise Party picks up a year after Evan died on Fear Street and Ellen moved away. Meg decides to throw a surprise party when she learns that Ellen is going to visit soon. However, she soon starts receiving eerie phone calls from someone who doesn’t want the party to take place.

3) The Overnight

The Overnight

Published in 1989, The Overnight is the third book in the original Fear Street book series by R.L. Stine. Della O’Connor assures her friends that nothing will go wrong on their overnight trip to Fear Island without an adult supervisor. However, things do go terribly wrong when Della herself goes missing in the woods and a dangerous stranger appears.

4) Missing


The Burrough children are scared when their parents go missing, but then other things in their lives also start going wrong. For instance, Mark Burrough’s girlfriend breaks up with him and disappears, the police are not interested in investigating the disappearance of their parents; and their cousin seems to be spying on their every move.

5) The Wrong Number

The Wrong Number

Published in 1990, The Wrong Number is the fifth book in the original Fear Street book series. Deena and her friend Jade spend their nights prank-calling people. However, things go terribly awry when Deena’s stepbrother, Chuck, prank calls a murderer who happens to live on Fear Street.

6) The Sleepwalker

The Sleepwalker

The Sleepwalker is the sixth book in R.L. Stine’s original Fear Street book series. This book follows Mayra Barnes, who is preparing for her summer job on Fear Street. However, a week before her summer job starts with Mrs. Cottler, she starts sleepwalking. She becomes scared of her sleepwalking incidents, as they always lead to her waking up outdoors in the middle of the night in an unknown place. She also starts suspecting that Mrs. Cottler is a witch.

7) Haunted


Haunted is the seventh book in R.L. Stine’s Fear Street book series. Published in 1990, this book follows Melissa. Everybody on Fear Street is on edge due to the recent headlines about the Fear Street Prowler. One night she wakes up screaming, thinking the Prowler was at her window. Then things become even worse for her when her new car becomes possessed and her birthday presents are ripped open by an invisible entity.

8) Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Published in 1990, Halloween Party is the eighth novel in the Original Fear Street novels by R.L. Stine. Terry and his girlfriend Niki are invited to an all-night Halloween party on Fear Street. However, on the invitation is a drawing of a coffin with the inscription “Reserved For You.” While the party seemed perfectly fine at the start, however, the light went out unexpectedly and when it came back on, a young boy lay on the dancefloor with a knife in his back. 

9) The Stepsister

The Stepsister

In The Stepsister, Emily tries really hard to like her stepsister, Jesse. However, Jesse hasn’t made things easy for Emily because as soon as Jesse moved into Emily’s house, she started stealing Emily’s belongings and lying to everybody. Then Emily picks up Jessie’s diary and learns a horrifying secret.

10) Ski Weekend

Ski Weekend

Ski Weekend is the 10th book in the original Fear Street series. Ariel, Dough, and Shannon are grateful for Red “Porter” on their ski trip. He has been nothing but helpful and even spotted the lodge when they all got stranded by a blizzard. However, will Red be able to save them when the lodge people start acting strangely? 

11) The Fire Game

The Fire Game

The Fire Game is the 11th book in the original Fear Street book series by R. L. Stine. In this book, we are introduced to Gabe, the new kid on the block. However, he is a bit of a troublemaker as he encourages the other kids on his street to start fires, until one of these fires goes out of hand and results in the death of an innocent person. 

12) Lights Out

The 12th book in the original Fear Street book series, Lights Out is set at Camp Nightwing. Camp Nightwing has been struck by a series of petty crimes. However, things escalate when a counsellor is found murdered. Holly Flynn, a junior counsellor takes the responsibility of solving the mystery. 

13) The Secret Bedroom

The Secret Bedroom

In the Secret Bedroom, Lea Carson is upset that her family has agreed to move into a creepy old house on Fear Street. Things become even creepier when she finds a secret room up in the attic. While Lea is afraid to check it out, she thinks that she keeps hearing footsteps from inside the secret room and wishes to investigate. 

14) The Knife

Laurie Masters is a student volunteer at Shadyside Hospital. When she innocently stumbles into the hospital’s crazy secret, the nurses and doctors at Shadyside Hospital diagnose her with a deadly disease, a disease she might not be suffering from. 

15) The Prom Queen

The Prom Queen

Lizzie is excited to be nominated as the Prom Queen. However, her competition soon starts getting murdered and it is up to Lizzie to find the killer. 

16) First Date

First Date

Chelsea Richards is a shy woman looking for a romantic partner. One day, two new boys in town ask her at the same time. However, one of them is a crazed killer. 

17) The Best Friend

The Best Friend

Becka Norwood is worried that there is something seriously wrong with Honey, a new girl at the school when Honey starts claiming to be her best friend. 

18) The Cheater

The Cheater

For better grades, Carter persuades Adam to take the test on her behalf in return for a date. However, Adam is a dangerous young man. 

19) Sunburn

While spending some time at her friend’s beach house, Claudia begins to suspect that murders are being committed. 

20) The New Boy

Ross Gabriel is a new student at Shadyside High and every girl wants to date him. Janie, Eve, and Faith are three friends who enter a bet about who will go out with him first. However, soon enough girls start getting murdered. And for the three friends dating Ross doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore. 

21) The Dare

The Dare

Johanna Wise wishes to be part of the rich, popular crowd and will do anything to become part of it. 

22) Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

Maggie has the same dream every night of a murder being committed. One day, her terrifying dream come true. 

23) Double Date

Double Date

Bobby is a womanizer and has his sight set on the Wade twins. When both of them fall for him, one of the sisters turns murderous from jealousy.

24) The Thrill Club

The Thrill Club tells the story of Talia, who loves writing horror stories until they start coming true. 

25) One Evil Summer

Chrissy is considered the perfect babysitter. But people soon discover that Chrissy is not as kind and trustworthy as she seems. 

26) The Mind Reader

Ellie’s haunting visions lead her to a dead girl’s body and then on the trail of the girl’s murderer. 

27) Wrong Number 2

Wrong Number 2

Prank calling can sometimes be innocent and fun but for Deena and Jade prank call has caused a world of trouble. 

28) Truth or Dare

A game of truth and dare between seven friends stuck in a ski condo turns deadly when one of them would rather kill somebody than tell the truth. 

29) Dead End

Natalie was in a car accident which led to the death at the dead end. Now, someone will go to any lengths to keep that secret buried forever.

30) Final Grade

Lily is a competitive girl but she never intended for any of her competitors to die, until one day her rival is brutally murdered. 

31) Switched


Nicole has always felt that her friend Lucy has it easy. So, she jumps to the occasion of switching bodies with her when the opportunity arises but little did she know that Lucy’s life might not seem as perfect as it seems. 

32) College Weekend

College Weekend

High schooler Tina is excited to spend the weekend with her boyfriend Josh. However, when she arrives at his college, he is not there.

33) The Stepsister 2

This is a sequel to The Stepsister. In this book, Emily welcomes her stepsister, Nancy after she is declared sane after her murderous rampage. 

34) What Holly Heard

What Holly Heard?

Holly heard something that she wasn’t supposed to hear and now somebody will give to any lengths to make sure she stays quiet.  

35) The Face

The Face

While drawing Martha goes into a trance and starts drawing the face of a boy she has never met before, again and again. 

36) Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

Selena’s acting career at Shadyside High is doing well. But then accidents start happening. 

37) The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date

Brady is ready to start dating after his girlfriend’s gruesome death in a sledding accident. However, the new girl he starts dating might not be as lovely as she seems. 

38) The Confession

The Confession

Julie and her friends aren’t necessarily sad about the passing away of their classmate, Al. Although they despised him, Julie is convinced that none of her friends committed the horrible act. However, when one of her friends confesses to killing Al, they all decide to keep the murder a secret. 

39) The Boy Next Door

Scott is the handsome new star of Shadyside High’s football team and best friends, Lauren and Crystal, will go to any lengths to get a chance to go on a date with him. However, they are not aware of his ex-girlfriend and how all she wanted to do was be with him as well but now she is dead. 

40) Night Games

Night Games

Diane and her friends love playing pranks late at night. But one day, tragedy strikes when someone dies from their prank.  

41) Runaway


Felicia is a runaway with dark powers that made her commit atrocities. But at Shadyside, she doesn’t have to think about it and can focus on being her normal self. Until someone discovers her secrets. Will Felicia be able to control her powers? 

42) Killer’s Kiss

Killer’s Kiss

Delia and Karina see each other as competition. When both of them start pining over Vincent, the most popular boy at Shadyside High, one of them will go to any lengths to win his affection, even if it means hurting someone. 

43) All-Night Party

All-Night Party

Cindy’s friend surprises her to a party at Fear Island for her birthday. However, Cindy gets murdered. Who killed her? 

44) The Rich Girl

The Rich Girl

Best friends, Emma and Sydney discover a bag filled with cash. They swear to not tell anyone about the bag. However, Sydney breaks her promise by telling her boyfriend Jason about it. Emma is weary of Jason. She knows that he is untrustworthy and will do something extreme to keep the money to himself. 

45) Cat

Marty accidentally kills the cat that lived in the school gym and as a punishment is sentenced to community service. Ever since the accident, he is stalked by cats. 

46) Fear Hall: The Beginning

Fear Hall: The Beginning

Set on a college campus, Fear Hall: The Beginning follows Hope and her roommates Jasmine, Angel, and Eden. All of them are scared of Darryl, a boy who says that he has murdered the boy Hope dated previously. However, according to the police, Darryl is lying and the real killer is closer to Hope than she thinks. 

47) Fear Hall: The Conclusion

Fear Hall: The Conclusion

Hope hides from an evil entity in an abandoned sorority house. However, she soon discovers that the evil entity has become a part of her. 

48) Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?

Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?

Tania is the queen of Shadyside High, quite literally. She has been nominated as the homecoming queen, has landed the lead role in a student film, and is in a relationship with one of the hottest boys in school. However, someone is extremely jealous of her success and is trying to jeopardise her life.  

49) Into the Dark

Into the Dark

Paulette Fox is a blind woman who wishes to be in a romantic relationship. She soon finds love but her romance might be short-lived as her friends witness her new boyfriend committing a heinous crime. They believe that Paulette might be his next victim. 

50) Best Friend 2

Honey is back in Becka’s life and is now even threatening her life. 

51) Trapped

This book takes a trip back to the 1960s when a group of kids used to party in the tunnels under Shadyside High School but one day someone killed a bunch of people dead. Now, several students in detention are exploring those same tunnels.

New Fear Street

1) The Stepbrother

The Stepbrother

The first book in the New Fear Street, The Stepbrother, follows Sondra who is having recurring nightmares of her own death since her stepbrother moved into her house. Worried, she visits a psychic who tells her that the dreams could be memories from her past life and that the person who killed her in the past life is after her again.

2) Camp Out

Camp Out

Maria didn’t want to go to camp but she is convinced by her two best friends to join them. However, their camping trip takes a dangerous turn, risking the lives of the girls.

3) Scream Jennifer, Scream!

Scream Jennifer, Scream!

To pass a college placement test, Shelli and her friends decide to cheat. However, when Jennifer threatens to reveal that Shelli and her friends cheated, they decide to hide the truth from coming out in whichever way possible, even if it means committing murder. But their plan goes horribly wrong and they find themselves in danger.

4) The Bad Girl

The Bad Girl

In The Bad Girl, Jan creates a formula to revive dead people, which comes in handy when she and her friend Dawn accidentally kill a girl. To make amends, they revive the girl using the formula, however, the revived girl is no longer the way she was when she was alive and wishes to seek revenge.

A Fear Street Novel

1) Party Games (2014)

Party Games (2014)

Rachel Martin has a crush on Brendan Fear and accepts his invitation to go to this family’s estate despite being warned to not go. However, one by one, the guests start dying and Rachel realizes that she is trapped on the estate.

2) Don’t Stay Up Late (2015)

Don’t Stay Up Late (2015)

Lisa is plagued with terrible nightmares and hallucinations. To get her mind off them, she takes the responsibility of babysitting the neighbour’s son. However, her nightmares start coming to life when her friends start dying one by one in a horrific fashion.

3) The Lost Girl (2015)

The Lost Girl (2015)

Michael and his girlfriend, Pepper befriend the new student at Shadyside. The closer they get to her the stranger she seems. One day, Michael invites Lizzie to a snowmobile race which ends in a tragic accident and Pepper becomes convinced that Lizzie is behind it.

4) Can You Keep a Secret (2016)

Eddie and Emmy are high school sweethearts who embark on an overnight camping trip in the Fear Street Woods with their 4 friends. In the woods, they find a bag filled with cash but they decide to leave the bag where they found it. Soon, Emmy’s family suffers a great loss and she is in need of money, however, the money is gone and so is the trust between the friends.

5) The Dead Boyfriend (2016)

In The Dead Boyfriend, R. L. Stine tells the tale of teenage love- where things went horribly wrong.

6) Give Me a K-I-L-L (2017)

In this book, we are united once again with the cheerleaders of Shadyside High. There is always strong competition to join the cheerleading squad but this time it ends in murder.

Return to Fear Street

1) You May Now Kill the Bride (2018)

Published in 2018, You May Now Kill the Bride tells the story of two sisters, separated by time. The two sisters are struck by an ancient curse that gets activated at family weddings. The curse forces the family to relive their dark history as it feeds off the family’s evil.

2) The Wrong Girl (2018)

The second book in the Return to Fear Street book series, The Wrong Girl tells the story of Poppy Miller, a girl who wishes to seek revenge for a humiliating prank. However, her attempt to seek revenge goes bad when her classmates start dying and the suspicion falls on her.

3) Drop Dead Gorgeous (2019)

The last book in the Return to Fear Street book series, Drop Dead Gorgeous was published in 2019. In this book, we follow Morgan Marks, the new girl at Shadyside High. Marks is smart, popular, and beautiful but her past is full of dark secrets that are on the verge of being exposed as Shadyside Homecoming approaches.

Fear Street Super Chiller

1) Party Summer

Published in 1991, Party Summer is the first book in the Fear Street Super Chiller series by R. L. Stine. Carli and her friends work at The Howling Wolf Inn, an old hotel on a tiny island off of Cape Cod. They are excited about a party that is going to place at the hotel, however, right before the party, the patrons of the hotel desert the hotel when someone warns them. Carli and her friends are allowed to stay at the hotel and run it by the hotel’s owner. But things become problematic soon enough when they hear a woman screaming and when they see the walls and faucets dripping blood.

2) Silent Night

Reva Dalby is the entitled daughter of the owner of Dalby Department Stores. Someone wishes to teach Reva a lesson in humility during the holiday season. She starts getting stalked by a mysterious entity when she opens a present that she was advised to not open. And soon, for Reva, the holiday season is not an occasion to celebrate.

3) Goodnight Kiss

Matt, April, and Todd just want to spend their summer peacefully at the beach. However, things become concerning for Matt when April and Todd start turning pale and weak. They have, what seems to be, puncture wounds on their necks. Could it have something to do with the bats flying over the beach?

4) Broken Hearts

Someone likes to kill people on Valentine’s Day. Josie and Melissa are scared that they might be the targets of this killer when they receive threatening valentines. Then the students of Shadyside High start getting murdered one by one. But who is behind the killings?

5) Silent Night 2

Reva Dalby lied when she said that she’ll change her ways. To teach her a proper lesson this time, someone plans to abduct her.

6) The Dead Lifeguard

The lifeguards at North Beach Country Club know that they are lucky. While kids from their school spend summers mowing lawns and flipping burgers, they get to spend their summers working on their tans and swimming occasionally. But their fun doesn’t last very long when they start getting murdered one by one in the most horrible way. What type of evil is stalking them?

7) Cheerleaders: The New Evil

The Cheerleaders at Shadyside High are sure that the evil spirit has been destroyed. But one day, Hannah is thrown out of the car window and Naomi is nearly burnt to death. The cheerleaders can no longer keep denying that the evil is back.

8) Bad Moonlight

Danielle Verona is ecstatic that she gets to be the lead singer of a band. On the tour, she gets to perform at popping clubs and get adored by loving fans. However, she can sense that something terrible is going to happen as she hears eerie noises from outside her window. Then, one day a band member is ripped to shreds by a wild animal.

9) The New Year’s Party

The kids at Reenie’s Christmas party were only trying to play an innocent prank on a fellow kid, P.J., however, they were not aware that he had a bad heart. Afraid to face the consequences, instead of being honest to the police, they hide the body. But the body disappears. Then all of the culprits are killed one by one. Can it be someone seeking revenge for P.J.’s death?

10) Goodnight Kiss 2

The long-awaited sequel to Goodnight Kiss, in Goodnight Kiss 2, the vampires are back and they are hungrier than ever before. This time, the vampires decide to stalk the small resort town of Sandy Hollow. Then one day, bodies start appearing on the beach with two punctured holes in the neck. The undead are here and Billy tries to warn his friends but nobody would listen to him.

11) Silent Night 3

Spoiled rich girl Reva Dalby is being stalked once again during the holiday season.

12) High Tide

Adam Malfitano is a lifeguard who was unable to save his girlfriend from drowning. Now, he is riddled with anxiety as he constantly has nightmares about the night she died. But things become worse when he starts seeing his dead girlfriend when he is awake as well.

13) Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!

The Cheerleaders are once again terrorized by the Evil. Now, there is a way to defeat the Evil for good but the answer lies hidden in Sarah Fear’s grave.

Fear Street Cheerleaders

1) The First Evil

Corky and Bobbi Corcoran are new students at Shadyside High. They are dying to be a part of the cheerleading squad at Shadyside High. However, horrible things start happening to the cheerleading squad when the Corcoran sisters join the team.

2) The Second Evil

Corky Corcoran is trying to forget about her sister’s gruesome death. Now, she is back at Shadyside High and has made friends with several people on the cheerleading squad. However, the murders start taking place again and a strange man starts stalking her.

3) The Third Evil

Corky is tormented by the series of gruesome events she has had to experience in the last few years. She believes that in order to put a stop to the Evil, once and for all, she needs to uncover the secret behind the Evil.

4) Cheerleaders: The New Evil

The Cheerleaders at Shadyside High are sure that the evil spirit has been destroyed. But one day, Hannah is thrown out of the car window and Naomi is nearly burnt to death. The cheerleaders can no longer keep denying that the evil is back.

5) Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!

The Cheerleaders are once again terrorized by the Evil. Now, there is a way to defeat the Evil for good but the answer lies hidden in Sarah Fear’s grave.

The Fear Street Saga

1) The Betrayal

Nora knows the secret behind all of the horrifying things that happen on Fear Street. She wants to tell everybody on Fear Street about how the terror began. But does anybody wants to know the truth?

2) The Secret

In the second novel in the Fear Street saga series by R.L Stine, we are introduced to the character of Ezra Fier who wishes to find the truth about Fear Street. However, his search for the answers leads him to death and betrayal.

3) The Burning

In the last novel in the Fear Street saga, Simon Fear believes that changing his novel would stop evil. But he was dead wrong. Now, it is up to Daniel and Nora, to put an end to the unspeakable horror by uniting the feuding families.

99 Fear Street: The House of Evil

1) The First Horror

The First Horror is the first book in 99 Fear Street: The House of Evil book series. This book tells the story of a family moving into a house on Fear Street that even their neighbours are afraid to enter. The twin sisters must learn the secret of the evil.

2) The Second Horror

This is the second book in 99 Fear Street: The House of Evil book series. Brandt believes that moving his family to Shadyside is not such a bad idea but this is only because he hasn’t heard the terrifying stories about his new home. He doesn’t know that someone haunts the house and plans to kill him and everyone close to him.

3) The Third Horror

Kody Frasier knows that her dead sister’s spirit is trapped at 99 Fear Street waiting to be set free. And now she is back at 99 Fear Street to shoot a movie about the evil that killed her sister. She also wishes to save Cally, if she can find her but upon finding her she realizes that Cally doesn’t want to be saved.

Fear Street: The Cataluna Chronicles

1) The Evil Moon

Published in 1995, The Evil Moon tells the story of Bryan Folger who wants the Cataluna, a sleek white car. He’ll go to extreme lengths to be the owner of the Cataluna, even if it means stealing it or killing for it. But Bryan doesn’t know that an ancient evil spirit inhabits Cataluna.

2) The Dark Secret

Stepsisters Regina and Lauren become the owners of the Cataluna. However, the Cataluna curse of Bad Luck Catherine still lives within it. Soon Regina and Lauren are haunted by the evil that has control of the driver’s wheel.

3) The Deadly Fire

In the last book in Fear Street: The Cataluna Chronicles, the Deadly Fire, race car driver Buddy believes that winning the Cataluna will help him reunite with his girlfriend. However, he doesn’t know what he’s signing up for.

Fear Street: Fear Park

1) The First Scream

The First Scream is the first novel in Fear Street: Fear Park. Diedre Bradley’s father is ready to risk everything and stand up against the ancient curse on the Fear Family by opening the Fear Park. However, someone is trying to stop and will go to any lengths to do the same, even if it means hurting her daughter.

2) The Loudest Scream

In the penultimate book in Fear Street: Fear Park, we once again reunite with Diedre Bradley who finds herself terribly attracted to Robin Fear. However, she is unaware that he wants only one thing and that is to destroy Fear Park.

3) The Last Scream

Robin Fear never expected this person to help Diedre stop Robin’s plan to destroy Fear Park.

Ghosts of Fear Street

1) Hide and Shriek

Published in 1995, Hide and Shriek is the first book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series and is written by Emily James. The ghosts of Fear Street will haunt you forever. Randy Clay has been invited to the cemetery by a ghost for a game of hide-and-seek. If the ghost is able to tag Randy during the game of hide-and-seek, then she’ll become the newest ghost on Fear Street.

2) Who’s Been Sleeping in My Grave?

Published in 1995, Who’s Been Sleeping in My Grave is the second novel in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. In this novel, Zack Pepper believes that there is something seriously wrong with his substitute teacher. But nobody believes him and it is up to him to get rid of her substitute teacher all by himself.

3) The Attack of the Aqua Apes

In the third novel in the Ghosts of Fear Street series, The Attack of the Aqua Apes we are introduced to Scott and Glenn. These two have decided to use the water from Fear Street Lake to grow their aqua apes. At first, these creatures look tiny and cute, but then one of them keeps on growing and its teeth keeps getting sharper.

4) Nightmare in 3-D

Published in 1996, Nightmare in 3-D is the 4th novel in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. After buying a 3-D poster, Wes Parker spends several hours looking for hidden images. However, when he is finally able to see the hidden image, he wishes he had not.

5) Stay Away from the Tree House

Published in 1996, in Stay Away from the Tree House, Dylan and Steve find a tree house, however, it is supposed to be haunted. After spending the night in the tree house, they’ll see whether the creepy stories are true or not.

6) Eye of the Fortuneteller

Kelsey Moore has lived her entire life on Fear Street, which makes her not afraid of anything. However, one night when she climbs into her bed, she finds it full of disgusting sand crabs and when she goes for a swim in the ocean, she finds it swarming with jellyfish. What is making Kelsey’s greatest fears come to life?

7) Fright Night

Published in 1996, Fright Night follows Mike who loves hanging out in his father’s museum on Fear Street. The museum is full of cool stuff like a suit of armour, a guillotine, and a bunch of wax figures. However, the fun soon finishes when he sees a pair of glowing eyes inside the helmet of the armour. The entity inside the armour lifts his arm and points the sword at Mike’s chest to a battle of death.

8) The Ooze

Al is playing with his chemistry set but the stink bomb he makes doesn’t explode. But all of a sudden the bomb starts oozing something and it oozes over everything. Whatever the ooze touches, it changes it forever.

9) Revenge of the Shadow People

Published in 1996, Revenge of the Shadow People introduces us to Vinny Salvo. Vinny Salvo’s shadow has been acting weirdly. It has grown horns, claws, and sharp teeth. His shadow is also trying to kill him. To save himself, Vinny must hide from his shadow, but how can he hide from his shadow?

10) The Bugman Lives!

Published in 1996, The Bugman Lives is the 10th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. Janet accidentally wakes up the Bugman by mowing over his tombstone. Now, she is attacked by insects wherever she goes. All types of insects are after her. Janet believes that the Bugman is out for revenge.

11) The Boy Who Ate Fear Street

The Boy Who Ate Fear Street is the 11th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. In this book, we follow Sam Kinny, a boy that has always been a picky eater. But out of nowhere, he starts craving everything, from paste, pepper, dog food, to dishwashing soap. He wonders whether his recent cravings are because of the weird spice that Aunt Sylvie put in his macaroni and cheese.

12) Night of the Werecat

The 12th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series, Night of the Werecat was published in 1996. At a fair, Wendy spots a cat charm at Mrs. Bast’s booth. However, she refuses to sell Wendy the cat charm and warns her that it is a werecat charm and it is quite dangerous. However, Wendy nicks it from the booth. Come midnight, Wendy starts to change.

13) How to Be a Vampire

Published in 1996, How to Be a Vampire is the 13th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. In this book, we follow Andrew, a young man who wakes up undead.

First, he notices that there are bite marks on his neck, then he tries to eat garlic and is repulsed by it. Then, he has the weird urge to sleep upside down. Andrew then meets his vampire teacher, who is really scary and gives lessons to Andrew about how to drink blood and sleep in a coffin.

14) Body Switchers from Outer Space

Written by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Body Switchers from Outer Space is the 14th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. Will wishes to be like Chad, the most popular kid in school. Chad tells Will that he has a body-switching machine and that they should switch bodies with each other. However, Will should have been careful about what he had wished for as Chad is keeping a terrible secret to himself.

15) Fright Christmas

The 15th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series, Fright Christmas focuses on Kenny Frobisher. Kenny Frobisher is the biggest bully at Shadyside. He aims to ruin everybody’s holiday but he doesn’t know that Santa is watching him. On Christmas Eve, Kenny gets himself trapped in Dalby’s Department Store. Three of the scariest ghosts arrive to wish Kenny a Scary Christmas.

16) Don’t Ever Get Sick at Granny’s

Published in 1997 and written by R. L. Stine, Don’t Ever Get Sick at Granny’s is the 16th book in the Ghost of Fear Street. Corey becomes sick while visiting his Granny Marsha’s house. However, Granny’s determination to kill every germ in Corey’s body turns her into a crazed lunatic.

17) House of a Thousand Screams

The 17th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street books is House of a Thousand Screams. Jill and Freddie’s family has been left a house full of evil by their Uncle Solly.

18) Camp Fear Ghouls

Camp Fear Ghouls is the 18th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. Lizzy Caldwell has been invited to join the Cam Fear Girls, an afterschool club that is on Fear Street. She is super excited to join the clubhouse, even though the Camp Fear Girls are mysteriously vanishing.

19) Three Evil Wishes

Published in 1997, Three Evil Wishes is the 19th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. Hannah finds a bottle in Fear Lake but she doesn’t open the bottle due to the warning label. However, Jesse, her younger brother pulls off the cork and lets loose a genie, who is not happy to be let out.

20) Spell of the Screaming Jokers

Spell of the Screaming Jokers is the 20th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street novel series. Brittany picks the Joker card from all four suits and the Joker card is considered the deadliest of all the cards in the deck.

21) The Creature from Club Lagoona

Published in 1997, The Creature from Club Lagoona is the 21st book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. Tad’s family dreams of vacationing at a wild water resort. However, Tad is deathly afraid of water, a fear that turns into reality when slow swimmers are eaten by a green creature who lurks beneath the surface of the pool.

22) Field of Screams

The 22nd book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series is Field of Screams. In this book, Buddy Sanders is zapped back 50 years and takes over the body of Shadyside’s greatest baseball player ever. However, Buddy knows that everyone on his team will soon die in a horrible accident.

23) Why I’m Not Afraid of Ghosts

Published in 1997, Why I’m Not Afraid of Ghosts is the 23rd book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. In the book, we follow Robbie and Dora, two ghosts who believe that they are the spookiest ghosts on Fear Street. However, their world turns upside down when Oliver Bowen moves into their house but he can’t be scared. To scare Oliver, Robbie and Dora come up with a plan.

24) Monster Dog

Written by R.L. Stine and Published in 1997, Monster Dog is the 24th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. Maggie adopts a puppy named Poocher. However, Poocher is not a normal dog as he frightening red glowing eyes and sharp fangs.

25) Halloween Bugs Me!

Published in 1997, Halloween Bugs Me! is the 25th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. Greg Romer believes that he is the unluckiest kid in the world as he cannot beat his friend at any games. One day, his life changes, when he picks up a magical bag on Fear Street that produces Halloween candy.

26) Go to Your Tomb- Right Now!

The 26th book in the Ghosts of Feat Street book series, Go To Your Tomb tells the story of Jack. While walking through the Fear Street Cemetery, Jack meets a strange girl who tells him that she can make him invisible. While Jack would like to become invisible but can she trust the girl?

27) Parents from the 13th Dimension

Parents from the 13th Dimension is the 27th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. In this book, we follow Sarah and her family. Sarah is embarrassed by her family because she finds them weird. Every day she wishes that her family was better and then one day, her wish gets answered. But as she starts living with her improved family, strange things start happening.

28) Hide and Shriek II

Hide and Shriek II is the 28th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. Jamie Kolker’s favourite comic-book monster comes to life and it seems to be after Jamie.

29) The Tale of the Blue Monkey

Amanda and Danny’s babysitter terrifies the siblings by telling them the story of the blue monkey that puts a curse on families. The siblings start panicking when they find a blue monkey buried in their backyard and worry if their family is cursed.

30) I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie

Published in 1998, I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie is the 30th book in R. L. Stine’s Ghost of Fear Street series. There is a mysterious after-school club and every kid in Valerie Martin’s class has joined it. However, none of the kids remember what happened in the club. Val begins to lose her mind when starts to investigate the club.

31) Escape of the He-Beast

The 31st book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series is Escape of the He-Beast. Jamie Kolker loves the way his favourite comic book monster, Hecula the He-Beast, hunts his prey.

32) Caution: Aliens At Work

Caution: Aliens at Work is the 32nd novel in the Ghosts of Fear Street book series. While wandering around in the Fear Street Woods, Matt finds a toolbox full of tools that he has never seen before. Each tool gives him a special power. For instance, one of the tools gives him the power to read people’s minds while another lets him freeze people in time. But then the owner of the toolbox comes looking for Matt and he’ll do anything to get his precious toolbox back.

33) Attack of the Vampire Worms

Published in 1998, Attack of the Vampire Worms is the 33rd book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. In this book, we follow Jane and Lewis who are trapped underground where vampire worms lead them to a mysterious cave.

34) Horror Hotel – Part 1: The Vampire Checks In

Published in 1998, Horror Hotel 1: The Vampire Checks In is the 34th book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series. Joe and his family move to Fear Street to help Grandpa Howie run his hotel. The hotel is full of creepy old paintings and coffins in the attic.

35) Horror Hotel- Part 2: Ghost in the Guest Room

Horror Hotel- Part 2 continues the spirit of the Horror Hotel- Part 2. In this book, Joe and his grandfather being haunted by a strange spirit from the past. However, they have found a spell that can get rid of the ghost.

36) The Funhouse of Dr. Freek

The final book in the Ghosts of Fear Street series, The Funhouse of Dr. Freek, tells the story of Joe, who breaks a funhouse mirror at the carnival. After he breaks the mirror, the mirror releases an evil double of himself.

Fear Street Sagas

1) A New Fear (1996)

The first novel in the Fear Street Saga series, A New Fear follows the Fear family. For centuries, the Fear family has been cursed by an evil spell that no one in their family can escape. While Nora Goode and Daniel Fear try to end the curse, however, they fail miserably when a horrible fire kills every member of the doomed family except for Nicholas, Nora, and Daniel’s only child. Will the curse claim his life as well?

2) House of Whispers (1996)

A dark evil looms over the Fear family and it consumes every person connected to them, even the people they hate. Their entire town is also tainted by the curse. Amy Pierce doesn’t know anything about the history of the Fear family but when she visits her cousins, she can sense an evil presence that is watching over her and waiting for her.

3) Forbidden Secrets (1996)

Savannah Madison, a member of the Fear family, refuses to believe in the Fear family curse and proceeds to marry the handsome Tyler Fear and moves to Blackrose Manor, where she is terrified by a series of a bizarre death.

4) The Sign of Fear (1996)

Published in 1996, The Sign of Fear is the 4th book in the Fear Street Saga series. With this book, the readers are transported back in time where we meet Fieran, a warrior driven by revenge. Fieran wishes to curse the Fear family for all eternity by creating the Fear amulet. Centuries later, Christina, a young struggling servant finds the Fear amulet. Will she be able to destroy the amulet in time?

5) The Hidden Evil (1997)

The Hidden Evil is the 5th book in the Fear Street Saga. In this book, we follow Timothy who tells his friends a story that gives him the power to control other people and summon the dead.

6) Daughters of Silence (1997)

Angelica and Simon Fear have only one mission and that is to bring their daughters back from the dead with every ounce of dark power within them. Simon and Angelica don’t hesitate, even if it means killing two innocent girls.

7) Children of Fear (1997)

The townspeople call Leah evil and this irks her brother Luke. The townspeople say that she has unnatural powers because she has the strange ability to communicate with animals. Luke is sure that Leah would never use her talent for evil. However, he isn’t so sure after his parents died in a horrible accident.

8) Dance of Death (1997)

Madeline is in love with Justin. However, two unknown people have warned her that Justin is not reliable and is on an evil quest on which any woman that gets close to him perishes.

9) Heart of the Hunter (1997)

In the 9th book in the Fear Street Saga series, we follow Jamie Fier. A woman approaches Jamie and tells him that he can attract any woman to himself with a potion. However, there is a caveat, he’ll turn into a werewolf at night when the moon is full.

10) The Awakening Evil (1997)

Jane becomes ill after seeing her husband die in boiling water. Soon afterward, the spirit of her best friend starts inhabiting her body and makes Jane murder Liza. Sometime later, Jane commits suicide to stop Sarah from committing any more murders.

11) Circle of Fire (1998)

A group of girls are in possession of Emma Reade’s spell book and they invite Mia Saxton to perform magic from it. However, the spells are extremely dangerous.

12) Chamber of Fear (1998)

Carolyn’s mother died trying to unlock a magician’s dangerous prop, the Chamber of Fear and now her spirit is trapped in it. Carolyn takes a job as the assistant of the same magician to free her mother’s spirit.

13) Faces of Terror (1998)

Elizabeth Nelson is convinced that her twin brother has met with a horrible accident after having a nightmare. To see if he is fine, she goes to his home and discovers that he has indeed been murdered, and the sculptures he was working on have different spirits trapped inside of them.

14) One Last Kiss (1998)

Eleanor Rawlings seeks revenge for her father’s death. However, she soon realizes that one of her father’s friends might be his killer.

15) Door of Death (1998)

Amy Burke is seeing terrifying visions of Jake Fear rising from the dead and killing her friends.

16) The Hand of Power (1999)

Peter Sturdevant rescues Margarete Fier from a mob and brings her to his mansion. However, Fier soon finds out that the mansion is haunted.

17) The Raven Woman (unreleased)

Although this book was unreleased, it is set during the American Revolution and is centred around Meg Fier. Meg falls in love with Dr Howell but soon discovers that the doctor is conducting harmful mind control experiments.

18) Carousel of Doom (TBA)

No Available Information.

Fear Street Seniors

1) Let’s Party!

Trisha Conrad sees a vision that her entire class will die during an all-night party to celebrate the end of junior year.

2) In Too Deep

What is the motive behind Kenny Klein’s kidnapping by a camp counsellor at Camp Shadyside?

3) The Thirst

Twins, Dana and Deidre are convinced that their fellow senior was killed by a vampire. They set out to investigate her murder.

4) No Answer

Clarissa calls a psychic hotline where the psychic puts her in contact with her murdered sister. During the call, the psychic convinces Clarissa that the killer is coming for her as well.

5) Last Chance

Mary O’Connor’s Social Science Teacher is blackmailing her. This causes Mary to get herself entangled in the nasty web of theft, kidnapping, and murder.

6) The Gift

When Jennifer comes into possession of a necklace that belonged to Dominque Fear, strange things start happening to her and her friend. They both suspect that Dominique’s spirit is trying to take over Jennifer’s body.

7) Fight, Team, Fight!

Phoebe Yamura’s teammates wish to remove her as a competition before the state cheerleading competition.

8) Sweetheart, Evil Heart

Ty is juggling three girls at the same time. Then suddenly he received a valentine from Amy, a girl that lives in Shadyside Cemetery and who is also very jealous of the other women in Ty’s life.

9) Spring Break

It’s spring break but Trisha Conrad and her friends can’t seem to catch a break when they are terrorized at her Arizona ranch.

10) Wicked

Marla Price will go to any lengths to become the valedictorian of her senior class.

11) The Prom Date

Trisha dislikes Matty Winger but is forced to attend the prom with him because he is the son of her father’s important client. At the prom, she humiliates Matty in front of the entire school. Afterwards she starts receiving threatening letters and thinks that Matty is behind it before finding out that he is dead. Who killed Matty?

12) Graduation Day

In the final book in the Fear Street Seniors series, we meet the surviving members of Shadyside High’s senior class to uncover the culprit responsible for the senior-class curse.

Fear Street Nights

1) Moonlight Secrets

Lewis and Jamie become the targets of someone who wants them dead after they start hanging out at midnight with ‘The Night People.’

2) Midnight Games

It is Dana Fear’s senior year and she is not keen on finishing school at Shadyside High. However, she soon starts hanging out with the Night People at a bar called Nights. Soon enough the Night People start disappearing mysteriously and people start pointing the finger at Dana.

3) Darkest Dawn

Things have returned to normal for the Night People, or so they think. Although Angelica Fear was destroyed in the fire, they contemplate what she meant when she said that the evil lives.

Fear Street Books in Order: R. L. Stine’s 51 Horror Book Series
Fear Street Books in Order: R. L. Stine’s 51 Horror Book Series