Ed Eagle Books in Order by Stuart Woods (4 Thriller Books)

Here, you’ll find all of the Ed Eagle books in order along with their summary.

Ed Eagle is the main protagonist of Stuart Woods’ Ed Eagle book series. The book series is part of the larger Stuart Woods literary universe. Therefore, Ed Eagle gets to interact with several other popular characters created by Stuart Woods.

The Ed Eagle book series is set in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The first mystery detective novel in this series, ‘Santa Fe Rules’ was published in 1992 and the second novel was released after 14 years.

In the books, Ed Eagle is an attorney based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He usually represents difficult clients with a vendetta against other people. Eagle has made several enemies after years of legal practice.

Eagle also has plenty of experience dealing with organized crime, corruption, and murder.

In each of the books, Ed Eagle is approached by a client who is falsely convicted of a crime. In each book, Eagle and a slew of newly introduced characters try to uncover these peculiar mysteries.

There have been only four books in the series, with the last book ‘Santa Fe Edge’ published in 2010.

Sl. No.Ed Eagle Books in Order
1)Santa Fe Rules (1992)
2)Short Straw (2006)
3)Santa Fe Dead (2008)
4)Santa Fe Edge (2010)

Ed Eagle Books in Order

1) Santa Fe Rules (1992)

Santa Fe Rules (1992)
Santa Fe Rules (1992)

In Santa Fe Rules we are introduced to hot-shot criminal attorney Ed Eagle for the very first time.

The book starts off with movie producer Wolf Willett reading the news of his own death in a newspaper which claims he, his wife, and a close friend were the victims of a homicide.

Willett is unable to remember the details of that night and his apparent memory loss makes him seem suspicious to the D.A.

After Willett is arrested and another murder with the same M.O. takes place, Willett sees a chance at redemption and hires Ed Eagle to represent him in the case.

The mystery remains around the identity of the dead man who is mistaken for Willett.

2) Short Straw (2006)

Short Straw (2006)
Short Straw (2006)

Ed Eagle is madly in love with the seductive Barbara Kennerly and marries her after a short courtship despite his better judgment. Ed’s intuition is rarely wrong.

It seems that on Ed’s fortieth birthday, Barbara slipped him some sleeping pills, cleaned his bank account, and escaped to Mexico, from where she can’t be extradited.

To make his fortieth birthday celebrations even worse, Ed is assigned a new client: Joe Bigg, a mechanic charged with triple homicide.

Will Ed be able to help Joe? Will he be able to uncover Joe’s true identity and connection to Barbara?

3) Santa Fe Dead (2008)

Santa Fe Dead (2008)
Santa Fe Dead (2008)

Santa Fe Dead is the third installment in the New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods’ Ed Eagle series.

Eagle thought he was safe from the clutches of his dangerous ex-wife and her murder-for-hire plot. But when she escapes from police custody, Ed becomes concerned for himself, his new girlfriend, and the man who will be lured by Barbara’s charm.

Meanwhile, Ed is approached by Don Wells, a man who is under investigation for the murder of his wife and son. This case will take him to the South of the border.

4) Santa Fe Edge (2010)

Santa Fe Edge (2010)
Santa Fe Edge (2010)

Ed Eagle is no stranger to organized crime, corruption, and murder. His take-no-prisoners approach while representing his clients has brought him into deep trouble.

In this book, Ed Eagle’s new client is a person involved in the puzzling murder of a golfer.

As he tries to unravel the plot of this murder, he learns that this was not just a simple murder but involved sex, money, and several false identities.

Meanwhile, he must deal with the threat to his personal life when Barbara returns to seek revenge on him.