Daniel X Books in Order

Written by James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge, Ned Rust, and Chris Grabenstein, the Daniel X book series follows the adventures of Daniel, a young alien hunter with extraordinary abilities.

Sl. No.Daniel X Books in Order
1)The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2008)
2)Daniel X: Alien Hunter (2008)
3)Watch the Skies (2009)
4)Demons and Druids (2010)
5)Game Over (2011)
6)Armageddon (2012)
7)Lights Out (2015)

Daniel had dedicated his entire life to protecting Earth from dangerous extraterrestrial threats. Daniel possesses a unique skill set that sets him apart from ordinary humans as he has the power to create and manipulate his own reality.

James Patterson’s Daniel X book series is a thrilling and action-packed journey into the world of alien hunting. Patterson’s skill as a storyteller shines through as he weaves together a compelling narrative filled with suspense, adventure, and unique characters.

From the very first book, readers are captivated by Daniel’s tragic past and his unwavering commitment to protecting Earth.

Who are the Authors of Daniel X’s book series?

James Patterson

James Patterson is an American author best known for writing the Alex Cross series, the Women’s Murder Club series, Amy Cornwall series, the Middle School series, the Maximum Ride series, and standalone works such as Daniel X, and NYPD Red.

Patterson was born and raised in New York. He belonged to a working-class Irish American family. Before becoming a popular writer, Patterson worked in advertising. His first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, was published in 1976.

Michael Ledwidge

Michael Ledwidge is an American author who started writing novels while working as the back elevator operator. He has written several books alongside James Patterson.

Ned Rust

Ned Rust is an author that has co-authored several books alongside James Patterson. He is the author of the Patrick Griffin and the Three World series. He lives in New York with his wife and kids.

Chris Grabenstein

Chris Grabenstein is an American author that has frequently collaborated with James Patterson for both adults and children. He has worked on several book series – The Haunted Mysteries, I Funny series, Treasure Hunters, Jackie Ha-Ha series, House of Robots, and the Wonderland series.

Who are the main characters in Daniel X’s book series?

The main characters in Daniel X’s book series are Daniel X and Dana. Daniel X is a young alien hunter with extraordinary abilities and a determined spirit. He possesses a unique skill set as he has the ability to create and manipular his own reality, allowing him to conjure up powerful weapons, and alter his environment.

Dana is a strong-willed girl who becomes Daniel’s love interest and fellow alien hunter. Dana possesses her own unique abilities, making her a formidable partner in their fight against intergalactic threats. Together, they form a dynamic team, balancing their personal connection with their shared mission to protect humanity.

Daniel X Books In Order

1) The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2008)

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2008)

Written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is the first novel in the Daniel X book series. This action-adventure science fiction novel revolves around Daniel X, twelve years after the murder of his parents.

2) Daniel X: Alien Hunter (2008)

Daniel X: Alien Hunter (2008)

Daniel X: Alien Hunter is a graphic novel in which Daniel X continues his quest in an action-packed adventure. After his parents’ deaths, Daniel inherited the list of alien outlaws and assumed his father’s role as Alien Hunter.

Daniel’s next target is Number 7, an alien who is the grandmaster of an interplanetary game of destruction that could result in the takeover of Earth. To find Number 7, Daniel goes on a journey into the seedy underbelly of Tokyo and other intergalactic realms.

3) Watch the Skies (2009)

Watch the Skies (2009)

Watch the Skies is the second novel in the Daniel X series. Ned Rust and James Patterson wrote it as a teen science fiction book. In this novel, Daniel is on a mission to defeat an evil alien who is No. 5 on the List of Alien Outlaws on Earth. This alien is used to killing and torturing humans in order to create an entertaining reality television show for his home planet. He also plans to breed an army of humans for himself.

4) Demons and Druids (2010)

Demons and Druids (2010)

The fourth novel in the Daniel X series, Demons and Druids, follows Daniel as he is on a personal mission to hunt down Number 3 on the list of alien outlaws. Number 3 is an evil alien that takes the form of a raging, soul-processing fire.

The fire that Number 3 produces revives the brutal memory of Daniel’s parents’ deaths in his mind. Because of this, Daniel is unable to control his powers in front of the evil, which leads to his best friends finding themselves in grave danger. Filled with time travel, action, and humor, Demons and Druids is one of the best Daniel X books in the series.

5) Game Over (2011)

Game Over (2011)

Daniel X discovers a duo of extraterrestrials that are plotting to gain control of kids around the world through video games, and Daniel is determined to take them both out of commission. This duo of aliens is also running a hunting club on the side, and their next target is Daniel. To help him defeat the aliens, he enlists the help of their rebellious son, who wants to stand up to his malicious parents.

6) Armageddon (2012)

Armageddon (2012)

In Daniel X’s fifth outing, Daniel is ready to face his bitter enemy, Number 2, who is considered one of the most powerful aliens in the universe.

Number 2 is an unstoppable alien criminal who is amassing an underground army of dangerous and disgusting aliens to help him enslave Earth’s population.

To Daniel’s horror, many humans are defecting to the alien’s side, making the odds of success against the human race very low. However, for the first time in his life, Daniel is not alone and is connected with several intelligence groups.

7) Lights Out (2015)

Lights Out (2015)

Lights Out is the sixth and final novel in the Daniel X series. Daniel is finally ready to face the biggest threat in the galaxy: The Prayer, an alien that brutally murdered his parents. Now, Daniel, whose powers are in their nascent stages, will have to bring down the monster that has the power of a god. 

Daniel X Books in Order
Daniel X Books in Order