Billy Harney Series in Order

In this article, we will explore Billy Harney series in order so that readers can have a seamless reading experience.

James Patterson’s The Black Book series, also known as the Bill Harney book series is a crime, mystery, thriller novel series by James Patterson and David Ellis.

The book series follows the exploits of Bill Harney, a cop with the Chicago Police Department, who loves serving his hometown even if it doesn’t him back.

Fans of James Patterson’s writing will thoroughly enjoy this new book series that is filled with political intrigue, corruption, and heart-humping action and suspense scenes.

Who is the Main Protagonist of the Black Book series?

The Billy Harney series follows the adventures of Chicago PD cop Bill Harney, a man dedicated to maintaining the law in his beloved city, even though the city doesn’t always treat him right.

Billy Harney happens to be the son of Chicago’s chief of detectives and his twin sister also happens to be on the force.

Harney is known for playing it by the book and is often accompanied by his partner Detective Kate Fenton on missions.

Billy Harney Series in Order
Billy Harney Series in Order

Who are the Authors of Billy Harney or The Black Book series?

James Patterson

James Patterson was born and raised in New York. He belonged to a working-class Irish American family. Before becoming a popular writer, Patterson worked in advertising.

His first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, was published in 1976. He has topped Forbes’s list of highest-paid authors with an estimated net worth of $700 million.

Before working as a writer, Patterson worked as an advertising executive. Since 1976, Patterson has written more than 200 novels out of which 114 are New York Times bestselling novels.

Some of his most popular works are Women’s Murder Club, Maximum Ride, Instinct, The Postcard Killings, and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

David Ellis

David Ellis is an American author and judge who has co-authored eight bestselling novels with James Patterson. He is a recipient of the Edgar Award and many of his novels have been translated into ten languages worldwide.

Ellis is also known for being the youngest-serving Justice of the Illinois Appellate Court for the First District.

He lives outside of Chicago with his wife and three children. Some of his most popular books include- Eye of the Beholder, Look Closer, In the Company of Liars, and Jury of One.

Billy Harney Series in Order

1) The Black Book (2017)

The Black Book (2017)
The Black Book (2017)

The Black Book is the first book in James Patterson’s Black Book series and was an instant #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestseller.

Billy Harney and his twin sister are both cops and their father is Chicago’s chief of detectives. He has always solved crimes by the book with the help of his partner, Detective Kate Fenton.

However, when Amy Lentini, an assistant state attorney suspects Billy isn’t the cop he claims to be, his life changes completely.

At the same time, a horrifying murder investigation leads the investigators to a brothel that caters to Chicago’s most powerful citizens and the only thing missing from the scene is the madam’s black book.

The series is praised for being a suspenseful thriller about corruption and the power of secrets.

2) The Red Book (2021)

The Red Book (2021)
The Red Book (2021)

The Red Book is the sequel to James Patterson and David Ellis’ blockbuster book, The Black Book.

Once a good cop that is played by the book, now, Billy Harney has built a reputation as a dirty cop. However, he is quickly on the scene when a drive-by shooting in Chicago turns political.

He realizes that the three victims of the drive-by are hardly the only victims of this crime.

Meanwhile, all of the clues lead nowhere and to expose the evil that is rotting under his beloved city, he must look into his own troubled past.

3) The Coldest Case (2021)

The Coldest Case is an Audio Drama in which homicide detective Billy Harney and his partner Kate Fenton must go deep undercover to expose a violent dark web conspiracy, vengeful billionaires, drugged pro-athletes, and corrupt politicians.

When several members of the drug ring turn up dead, Harney blows Kate’s cover in fear of her safety but this leads to their informant’s disappearance along with the ring’s ‘black book.’

4) Escape (2022)

Escape (2022)
Escape (2022)

In the third book in James Patterson and David Ellis’ Black Book series, Chicago’s special-ops leader Detective Billy Harney investigates a billionaire crime boss, who is held in jail and is quickly losing his money.

Then one day, Billy is called to the jail where he finds six inmates have escaped, two correctional officers are dead, and two inmates are missing. He also notices a handwritten note written for him that says “Are you having fun yet?”

5) Blackball (2023)

Blackball is a soon-to-be-released book in James Patterson and David Ellis’ Black Book series.